Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for music, which puts the kids and me in a much better mood whenever I put it on. :) Now, if we could just agree on more music! One song we all like is Bass Head by Bassnectar. Every time I put it on, both kids stop whatever they're doing and start dancing like they're on psychedelic drugs, hahah!

What are you all thankful for today??

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Casey K said…
I think music is a great thing to be thankful for! I know we use it a lot in our house to boost our spirits and make moods better!
Theresa said…
We are a music loving family too. It's great how your mood can change when just the right song comes on.

Today I am thankful the kids went back to school. It is super quiet in the house right now!
Janine Huldie said…
Wonderful thing to be thankful for and must admit I am so thankful today to be featured on Honest Mom's website!! :)
Wonderful thing to be thankful for!!!
Launna said…
I am thankful for my motivation and I am really thankful for text messages that make me smile :)

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