Weekly Weigh-in #34 and Some Random Life Stuff

I didn't get a change to do Flashback Friday or Silly Saturday, and this is up late. Things have just been so crazy around here.

My dog was sick and we took her to the vet for all kinds of testing. About $500 later, we found that she needs 2 medications twice a day for her allergies and arthritis. She also needs to go on a diet, which she is really not happy about and whines constantly for more food.

Aside from that, my ear pain is constant now. It's bearable during the day but worse at night. I am trying to sleep in an upright position to try and improve it but I can never sleep like that. So with that and waking up with the baby like 5 times a night, I'm not getting much sleep.

So there's that, and then there's the whole other issue of Kaylee... Her nights have been improving since we started her on Melatonin (last resort after over a year of trying everything natural under the sun, and if you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them). So she's not waking up with night terrors every night, but apparently her lack of sleep wasn't the source of her behavior problems like I thought it was. And things have been worsening lately.

She is fine half the time. She loves doing homeschooling with me, plays patiently with her little sister, does all her chores, and is just a perfect little angel. Then other times, she is just not herself at all. This started with small tantrums and has turned into ordeals that can last hours. She gets violent and lashes out. And when she can't hurt someone else, she hurts herself by throwing herself on the floor or banging her head on the wall. She will scream and cry until she's gasping for air and then she has a panic attack because she feels like she can't breathe.

This afternoon, I feel like we hit an all time low point. She stabbed my hand with a pencil, and then started screaming and just wouldn't stop. I felt like I was at my wit's end and I just told Steven to take her somewhere, anywhere, right now. I just could not deal with it. I wanted to slap her, but I knew that wouldn't help and would just make it 10 times worse.

I feel so bad for her because she WANTS to be happy, and tells me she doesn't want to act like this anymore. She obviously can't control it and I'm sure no amount of discipline is going to change that. I really have no idea how to deal with her at this point so I'm making a therapy appointment for her Monday.

I will also make a doctor appointment for myself Monday and tell her the medicine she gave me for my ear isn't working at all. So, hopefully we're on the way to resolving all this craziness! In the mean time, my blogging may be sporadic. I will definitely get around to responding to comments and reading everyones' blogs as soon as I stop needing to use all my free time for sleep, lol.

Anyway, onto weekly weigh in. :) I did not lose any weight but I am pleased overall because I was mindful of my eating and exercise habits this week, and that's a step in the right direction at least, right?


Week: 34.
Weight loss this week: 0.
Total weight loss: 40.
Current weight: 200.
Weight goal: 160. (Or whenever I feel like I'm at a healthy weight.)
Eating habits this week: I've been eating pretty good this week! I slipped up a few times but I feel like I'm getting better and better.
Exercise habits this week: I did exercise a few times this week, and really that's all I can do right now. I know I need to make it more of a priority and hopefully I will be able to soon. :)

Let me know how you all are doing if you are on a weight loss journey! Are you on a roll; are you close to hitting your goal? Are you stuck in a rut, and need some encouragement??

Please link up any health and fitness related posts... A healthy recipe, your weight loss progress, motivational quotes, anything like that! Taking a button is optional. :)


Launna said…
I am so sorry you have so many challenges... I hope they find something for you ears and I really, really hope they find something to help you daughter. I feel for her and your family.

It has been 9 weeks of eating healthy and exercising, I have lost 31.8 pounds and I am feeling great. I had to take a couple of days to rest my legs and they were beyond sore with my pushing myself every day as hard as possible. I don't have a set weight goal, I just want to feel good wherever I am.

I really hope you have a much better week coming up :)
Sylvia Phillips said…
Oh honey, I know exactly how you feel. When Bethany acts up it's not because she's doing it on purpose. I know it's caused by something beyond her control but it doesn't make it any easier. Maybe some books from Jed Baker (No More Meltdowns comes to mind) would help you get to the bottom of it. Pryers for you guys!

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