Weekly Weigh-in #35

Week: 35.
Weight loss this week: 5.
Total weight loss: 45.
Current weight: 195.
Weight goal: 160. (Or whenever I feel like I'm at a healthy weight.)
Eating habits this week: I do pretty good the majority of the time. Until my mom makes brownies or something, then I BINGE, lol.
Exercise habits this week: Only worked out once this week but went to the park with the kids and ran the dogs a few times.

I've pretty much accepted that if it's not ear pain, it will be something else making it "impossible" to lose the weight, and I just need to DO IT ANYWAY.

If you're on a goal to get healthier and/or lose weight, how is your progress lately??

Please link up any health and fitness related posts... A healthy recipe, your weight loss progress, motivational quotes, anything like that! Taking a button is optional. :)


Janine Huldie said…
Awesome weight loss Camille and seriously you are doing great!!! :)
Launna said…
Hi Camille, I am terrible with linking up, I literally had to have someone do it for me... lol

I have now lost 33.4 pounds in 10 weeks...

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on losing 5 pounds this week, amazing girl, YAY... !!!!!
Great job mama!! 5 lbs! WooHoo!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
R.F. Dietz said…
You are doing GREAT! Already lost 45lbs and 5lbs in a week? Keep it up gf!

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