9 Months :)

Well, Brynnie Brynn is 9 months old! I'm still in shock. I can't believe she'll be a year old in just a few months.

At 9 months, Brynna...
☼ Is about 21 pounds
☼ Is wearing mostly 9-12 month clothes, some 12-18 month things
☼ Is still wearing medium cloth diapers and covers, and size 3 disposables
☼ Is an expert crawler
☼ Pulls herself up to stand easily
☼ Stood by herself unsupported for a few seconds for the first time a couple days ago!
☼ Loves walking while holding onto our hands
☼ Has figured out how to get off the bed backwards so she lands on her feet
☼ Loves music and dancing
☼ Is super affectionate, gives lots of hugs and kisses
☼ Likes playing drums, shaking maracas/rattles, banging on the piano, and just making noise any way she can
☼ Presses the buttons on her toys
☼ Loves splashing in the bath and pool
☼ Is trying to drop her second nap, her whole schedule is messed up right now
☼ Likes sucking her thumb or a pacifier some days
☼ Has a few favorite toys: a little toy fox, a lamb luvvie, and a singing puppy from Fisher Price
☼ Is still breastfeeding about 6 times per day
☼ Only nurses to eat, doesn't like to comfort nurse :(
☼ Drinks a bottle or sippy cup by herself
☼ Good at feeding herself and picking up things with the pincer grasp, eats lots of solid foods
☼ Hates being spoonfed, will refuse unless she's guiding the spoon with her hand
☼ Will throw a giant tantrum if things don't go her way, complete with thrashing and screeching!
☼ Is *usually* happy, smiling, curious, and energetic (but still very relaxed compared to Kaylee, and everyone always says how calm and reserved she is)
☼ Loves to crawl around and play independently (very different from Kaylee at this age, who needed to be carried/soothed/entertained constantly)
☼ Is really not needy or clingy at all (during the day, anyway)
☼ Is getting worse and worse with sleeping at night
☼ Still has just her 2 bottom teeth
☼ Loves playing with her Daddy, he always knows how to make her laugh
☼ Loves her big sister more than anything
☼ Is very happy to see people she knows but very shy of strangers
☼ Says dada, mama, baba, sis, and a few other things, but mostly just babbles
☼ Points to people she knows when asked where they are
☼ Plays peekaboo, claps her hands, and waves
☼ Brushes her hair if you give her a brush
☼ Fake laughs (she imitates Kaylee's fake laugh; my kids are so weird!)
☼ Loves animals, especially foxes
☼ Likes watching Baby First TV and Eebee's Adventures on Netflix
☼ Likes playing Giggle Buddies and Paint Sparkles on the iPad
☼ Uses a few signs; her favorite ones are eat, fox, and wolf

Brynna is getting so intelligent. I love how she presses the buttons on her toys so purposely. She has all her toys figured out, and knows exactly how they all work. I just got out Kaylee's old activity table and Brynna is having fun figuring out how to work all the parts of that. She loves anything that plays music. She has this one toy that she will press the button to make it play music over and over. Whenever she hears music, she happily dances and claps her hands. I love all her different dance moves, lol.

During the day, Brynna is happiest crawling around and playing with her toys. She likes to check in with me and give me a quick cuddle before she goes back to playing. If she's playing with Kaylee, she could care less about me. She adores her big sister and is so happy to see her when she comes home from school. She's generally a happy baby all day, unless something she doesn't like happens. Like if you take away something that she's not meant to have, or try to pick her up when she was busy playing with something, she throws a fit. She does this loud whine/squeal and throws her head back, bashing it into whatever she can. Luckily, a little bit of bouncing and happy talking will cheer her up quickly. I can see I'm in for a fun time, raising two girls with big attitudes, hahah!

She is pretty good in the car now, even on long car rides. We recently drove to Tennessee, which is a 8 hour trip not including stops, and she did great. She has really changed her mind about water and loves the bath and pool now. She will cry if you take her out before she is nice and pruney, lol. She has also changed her mind about getting her diaper and clothes changed. She hates it now. I try to hand her interesting things and talk to her to distract her but she turns into this crazy wiggle worm. I end up having to fasten her diaper and button her onsie while she's either crawling away or climbing up me, lol. Randomly throughout the day, she'll sign fox or wolf and/or point to the bedroom. This means she wants to go look at my wolf calendar and the fox picture I have on my wall. She pats them and talks to them, signing excitedly.

She wakes up every day in between 7 and 7:30. It's perfect because I don't even need to set an alarm to wake up and get Kaylee ready for school. She WAS taking her hour and a half naps every day at 10:30 and 3, but lately she's been been refusing to have 2 naps and taking just a two hour nap at 11 instead. This makes her get pretty cranky around dinner time and then go to bed early. Hopefully she'll adjust to one nap instead of two soon. The more overtired she is by the time she goes to bed, the worse she sleeps. "Sleep begets sleep" is so true, at least for her. I've noticed that if she gets 2 and a half to 3 hours of sleep during the day, she'll sleep a lot better at night. Unfortunately, she's a light sleeper so she hardly ever gets enough of a nap. Lately she's been just AWFUL at night, other than a couple times she slept through the night just to give me false hope, lol. She just wakes up so often, sometimes every few minutes. I feel like I'm not really getting any good sleep, just dozing in between patting and rocking her. Sometimes I'm too tired to get up and she just cries for a minute then goes back to sleep, but sometimes she just keeps crying. She won't nurse, she won't take a bottle or pacifier, and she won't cuddle in bed with me. I've tried literally everything. The only way I get any sleep at all without being patted constantly is if she's in her vibrating seat (not turned on, she just likes the nest feeling), on her side, right next to the bathroom (because of the white noise of the bathroom fan). Even then, she may sleep for a couple hours, but then she'll be up every few minutes the rest of the night. It's very frustrating and exhausting. Luckily, I can usually sleep in on Saturday and/or Sunday. Steven tries to take care of everything and keep everyone quiet for as long as possible, which is so awesome. (And I just focus on that when I'm getting mad at the fact that he sleeps through everything that goes on at night, lol.)

I can't believe the next update I write will be for 10 months. Double digits!! I am so excited to keep watching her grow. I'm sad that she isn't my tiny newborn anymore, but I just can't wait to see her take her first steps! And I'm sure she'll (HOPEFULLY!!!!!) start sleeping through the night regularly soon. :)

8 Month Update | 10 Month UpdateMonthly Pics

PS Thank you to my friend Cody for taking some of these pics!!


Janine Huldie said…
Cannot believe she is 9 months old already and really she is just growing by leaps and bounds. What a cutie for sure and loved the pictures of your two girls together. Really reminds me of my own girls how they are together!! :)
Carrie said…
They grow so quick! It's cute that she likes the fox and wolf so much!
Anna said…
Happy 9 Months! She is so cute! Time is flying!

Be sure to come by my blog and link up this weekend for the fun blog hop I'm hosting. Also I have a surprise fall giveaway that you might be interested in entering. ;)
Launna said…
Isn't it amazing how they grow so fast... I can hardly believe my youngest is 10... wow... where did the time go :)
Bren Lee said…
Look how fast she's growing! So beautiful!
Happy 9 months to that pretty girl! She's too cute and I love the pictures of both of them together :) Time goes by so fast when you're watching your kids grow. I can't believe mine will be 4 in January :(
Karen said…
OMG...what a cutie...I just can't... that smile....wow... two beautiful daughters, so blessed.
Harley Cocks said…
She's definitely going to be an early walker, I can't believe she stood by herself! WOW!

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