A Day In My Life :)

7:15ish - Brynna wakes up and I bring her to bed. I nurse her and doze.

7:50 - Brynna starts clawing my face and won't nurse, so we get up for the day. I change her, put her in the living room to play with her toys, take care of the dogs.

8 - I carry Kaylee out to the couch and turn the TV on. It's the best way to wake her up without making her very cranky, lol.

8:15 - My mom comes over to take Kaylee to school but she's not exactly ready yet.

8:28 - They finally leave. I get some breakfast then clean up pee on the carpet (Molly had an accident for some reason, which she usually only does if she's home alone).

8:45 - I do the laundry, give Molly her arthritis and allergy medicines, and change Brynna's poopy diaper (while she's squirming and screeching like crazy because she didn't want her play time interrupted).

9:05 - I check on the rodents and do a few other chores. Brynn plays with her toys. The dogs want to go in and out every few minutes, seems like.

 9:15ish - Brynna gets cranky so I try nursing her. She will only nurse for about 5 minutes. I put her in her high chair with some yogurt treats and turn Barney on and keep doing chores. The dogs want in and out what seems like constantly.

9:35 - Brynna's getting increasingly whiny so I wear her for a bit.

9:50 - Brynn's very cranky so I decide to do her morning nap a few minutes early. I change her diaper, pull down the blinds, close the bedroom door, and turn on the bathroom fan. She knows what's up and goes into nap mode. She nurses to sleep in 5 minutes, but then the dogs start playing and wake her up. I bring Molly in the bedroom with us so they can't play, but the damage is done. Brynn's fully awake and refuses to nurse. But I'm not giving up so I rock her in my arms for what seems like forever while she squawks and arches her back in protest. She finally gives in and goes to sleep, at the exact time she was supposed to have her morning nap anyway, 10:15. Lol.

10:15 - Time for me to have a snack and do blog stuff. :)

10:25 - Brynna makes a noise but resettles herself. The dogs want out again. I discover that Aries dug a giant hole next to the porch. On the plus side, I guess that tired him out, because he finally settles down for a while and sleeps.

11 - Brynna wakes up and I nurse her for 15 minutes until she falls back asleep.

11:15 - I attempt to get a shower. I am just finishing up when I hear B squeak so I finish super quick and hop out. I talk to her to keep her calm while I dry off, then try to get her back to sleep. She doesn't want to nurse or rock. It's clear she's good and awake now, so I put her on the bed with a toy and sing to her while I put on my eczema cream and get dressed.

11:30 - I check her diaper and play with her for a few minutes, then make Kaylee some lunch.

11:40 - I run next door and give Kay's lunch to my mom, so she can give it to her when she picks her up at school in a few minutes. I give Brynn a snack and practice sign language.

11:45 - I change B's diaper and play with her for a bit. Then I put Eebee's Adventure's on Netflix for her and try to get some more sign language practice in.

12:10 - After putting Brynna back into the living room about 5 times as she keeps trying to crawl over to the dog bowls, I give up on practicing ASL for now, lol.

12:20 - My mom brings Kay home and the girls are very excited to see eachother. Kaylee tells me about her day and shows me what she made at school.

12:30 - The girls play together while I try to exercise despite my wrist hurting (I think I either pulled a muscle or I have Carpal Tunnel).

12:45 - I realize I'm starving, I guess I forgot to eat lunch, so I grab something. Then I do blog stuff for a few minutes.

1 - Kaylee and I have an argument because she wants to eat a snack while in the bathroom. I insist that she must pee first, THEN come out and have her snack, lol.

1:05 - I discover an unidentified wet spot on the carpet and cover it with a towel. It has no scent, so hopefully it's water.

1:10 - I do the laundry then change Brynna's poopy diaper while she screams wildly and tries to escape. Kaylee helpfully brings me the diaper cream and a toy to distract Brynna. :)

1:20 - The kids play and watch Baby First TV: Art & Colors on Netflix. I do a few chores then play with them.

1:50 - The kids are bored so I figure now is a good time to go next door to my parents' house and do the dishes (we don't have a dish washer and washing by hand irritates my eczema). I bring the kids next door and go back for my basket of dirty dishes (my brother is there so they're not alone). The kids play while I empty and reload the dishwasher (I try to do my parents' dishes as often as possible, since they do so much for us, and there's usually room for both of our dishes anyway).

2:10 - We head home and it starts to thunderstorm. Brynna seems to be getting tired. I tell Kaylee to go potty, give her a snack, and set her up with the iPad (borrowed from my mom). Then I start Brynn's nap time. She goes right to sleep, but thunder keeps waking her up, so I just lay down and keep nursing her. I fall asleep, and at some point Kaylee comes in and snuggles with us too.

3:30 - Kaylee has to go potty and that wakes Brynna up, so we all get up. We all have a snack, then Brynna spits up all over me. I go change my shirt but I still smell like sour milk, yay. Then we watch Mulan.

4:20 - I do a load of laundry, then Steven gets home. :)

4:40 - Steven and I have an argument about whether it's healthy for him to eat just chicken for dinner, lol. Then we get ready to go food shopping.

5 - We leave for the grocery store. Steven and I entertain the kids by singing the Pokemon theme song and some other songs, lol. The kids are well-behaved the whole trip. :)

7:30 - We get home and try to put the groceries away, get everyone fed, and get everyone ready for bed as quickly as possible. On second thought, we probably shouldn't try to run errands on a school night, lol.

8:20 - Steven finishes putting Kaylee to bed while I go into the bedroom with Brynna.

8:50 - Brynna's finally asleep (and my arms are very sore). I snuggle Kaylee for a few minutes and say goodnight to her.

9 - Steven and I watch an episode of Once Upon A Time on Netflix. :)

10:20 -  My ear hurts so I ask Steven to drain my eustachian tube. Romantic, huh? Hahah. (I have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, pushing in a downward motion behind my ear helps drain it and make it feel better.) Then we go to bed.

12:45 - Brynna wakes up so I bring her into bed and nurse her. (I'm so happy she slept 4 hours in a row! I think me cutting back on coffee is helping.)

1 - She is fussy in my bed so I put her back in her crib, pat her for a second and she's asleep.

2:40 - Brynn wakes to nurse again. Again, she doesn't want to sleep with me, so I put her back in her crib.

2:50 - She wakes up again, but after rocking her for a few seconds, she's out again.

3:35 - She wakes up and wants to be rocked. I wish she would just nurse so I can go back to sleep. I'm able to put her back down in a few minutes. I take some Tylenol because my ear hurts and go back to bed.

5ish - Kaylee comes in quietly and goes to sleep in my bed. (No crying, yay!)

6ish - Brynna wakes up and joins us in bed. (Steven's gone to work so it's not too crowded.) She nurses for a bit while I go back to sleep.

7 - Brynna is awake and bored, and clawing me with her sharp little nails. Time to wake up. She wants to wake Kaylee up and starts blowing raspberries on her belly and climbing on her happily. (Why can't she wake me up like that? Lol.)

7:15 - We're all up! Time for another day in paradise. :)


That is quite the day and I'm now exhausted reading it!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo
Secondary Roads said…
I feel tired and all I did was read about what you did. It's good to have children while you are young and have the strength and endurance to cope with it.
R.F. Dietz said…
omg this is the longest day ever! How are you not a zombie right now?
Kristina said…
Your sleep was so interrupted. I couldn't make it like that!
Heather said…
I love the photos of little sister trying to wake up big sister. Cute! Also, I would need coffee in that glass! ;)

Carrie said…
I don't know how you function with that many interruptions at night! Who says being a stay at home mom is easy? :0)
Anna said…
Those girls and pets keep you on your toes! You are one busy mama! :)
Veronica Lee said…
Yep, it's tough being a SAHM but it does get easier when the kids are older. Love the pics, Cami!
Launna said…
Girl, I thought my day was busy... I don't a tenth of what you do... I will take my working day over yours any day of the week :)

myshelomitashop said…
What a busy days! It's a nice reminder actually because I used to have days like this one. Strangely I kind of missing those days lately :D
mail4rosey said…
It does sound like paradise. And lol at forgetting lunch, I do that all of the time!
Theresa said…
The day in the life of a mom! I forgot how tiring life is when they are that little. So busy all day long, but man, is it ever worth every minute of exhaustion!
SFR said…
Cor blimey what an exhausting day!!! Being a mum definitely is a ridiculously hard 'job' - I hate actually calling it that - but certainly the most rewarding!! :) xx
Melissa Ryan said…
I am exhausted just reading this. I can't get over how big the girls are getting. I need to get by here more often.

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