Weekly Weigh-in #38

Week: 38.
Weight loss this week: 0.
Total weight loss: 46.
Current weight: 194.
Weight goal: 160. (Or whenever I feel like I'm at a healthy weight.)
Eating habits this week: I was doing really well, then I started eating a bunch of junk after we went grocery shopping Thursday. Steven just HAD to buy ice cream and cheesy potato chip thingies. >_<
Exercise habits this week: Exercised and went out to the park a couple times. I have to baby my left wrist though so it makes it hard. I already have a doctor appointment soon to check on my Eustachian Tube Dysfunction so I figure I'll bring up the wrist pain then. I got a wrist brace so hopefully that will help until then. (Why do health issues keep hindering me???? I swear, my body keeps sabotaging itself! But I'm not giving up!!! >_<)

If you're on a goal to get healthier and/or lose weight, how is your progress lately??

Please link up any health and fitness related posts... A healthy recipe, your weight loss progress, motivational quotes, anything like that! Taking a button is optional. :)


Launna said…
I finished week 13 and I have lost 42 pounds.. I'm preparing for my first 5K on October 6th... it's very close (I'll be walking a lot of it and that's okay for now)

Good luck on your continued weight loss;-)
mail4rosey said…
I like that your goal is 'or when I feel I've reached a healthy weight.' That's smart. :)

Cheesy potato chip thingies are my downfall too. ;)
Jodie Fitz said…
Keep going :) - cheering you on & celebrating w you what you've accomplished so far ... go girl go!

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