Absolute Madness

I am always saying things are crazy around here. Well after these past few weeks, I will never say that again because I realize now that they are usually quite tame!!

Ok so, I guess I'll start at the beginning... The kids came got pretty sick a few weeks ago. I usually am not one to use medicine, but Brynna's double ear infections were not getting better and I couldn't keep her fever down. Kaylee was coughing until throwing up and having trouble breathing. When we had her checked up, her oxygen level was low. So for the first time for both of them, I decided to let the doctor prescribe us some meds.

The kids slowly got better, aside from Kaylee having a residual cough. But she started having some really weird behavior; misbehaving worse than she ever has before and pulling her hair out. She was running away in the mall, getting out of her car seat in the car, throwing and breaking dishes... It was bad. And she pulled so much of her hair out that we had to just shave her head.

Thursday, things started out ok. I thought she was either having a reaction to one of her meds and it would soon be out of her system, or acting out because she was sad about being told that her Gigi (my grandma) would be going to Heaven soon. She even had some fun accessorizing creatively, since she had no hair to click hair bows onto. I figured it would be fine to take her to the doctor the next day, and to the therapist and grief counselor the following week.

But then she started getting hyper, and she quickly got to the point where she was out of control. She spilled all of the dog food and started throwing it everywhere, and basically ran around destroying things all day long. I had to call my brother to help me control her so she wouldn't hurt herself. When Steven got home, we couldn't even get her bedtime routine started. We couldn't catch her to brush her teeth so we gave up, we couldn't get her dressed, she was running around naked. She was screaming, laughing, and crying in turns. We realized we could not make it until tomorrow to see her doctor, so we made the decision to take her to the ER.

Once there, I had to restrain her for hours while they tried to figure out what was wrong. They thought it might be a reaction to prednisolone, a steroid which was one of the meds prescribed to her for her upper respiratory infection. She got so bad, they gave her a sedative, but even that did not calm her down, only made her act drunk. I went home to get a few hours of sleep with the baby while Steven stayed with her, and when I got back she was being held down by 4 people and being given a strong sedative which completely knocked her out. She had such a bad bruise on her forehead that they had to check and make sure it wasn't a skull fracture.

I was informed of how awful it had been in the hours I was gone, and how they hadn't been able to figure out the cause. They had decided to transfer her to Children's Hospital for a more long term stay. My mom came to help, Steven tried to grab a couple hours of sleep, and we worried and waited for the transfer. Brynna was very cranky because we wouldn't let her try and wake up big sissy.

She was fully sedated still and remained so until she was transferred and settled in her new room at Children's. When she woke up, she was agitated, confused, and volatile. I tried to explain how dangerous she was to herself and others, and how the mild sedative (Adavan?) had not worked at all, but they tried it anyway. She gave herself more bruises and was upset all day while they took blood and did tests. It was rough. They finally sedated her with something else late that night and she slept through the night until Saturday morning. She had tests all day long including an MRI, lumbar puncture, EEG, blood tests, and others. She was also put into a giant padded crib bed so she couldn't hurt herself on the hospital bed rails. The good news is, she is no longer violent, but the bad news is she spent all of her conscious hours today crying. My heart was breaking for her. :( But I did not let it show in front of her, because I want her to feel that I am a completely positive force for her right now. Steven was also amazing and on hardly any sleep. He's my hero. <3

I went home to get some rest with the baby tonight (Saturday night) and I'm praying that Kaylee will sleep alright without me. They really don't want Brynna there since there is a no non-patient kids past 9pm rule. They made an exception the first night for me. I will be going back tomorrow at 9am which is when visiting children will be allowed in. I'll be updated by Steven all night and I'll be trying to get some sleep if I can. Honestly, I am so stressed and worried, I haven't been able to sleep even when I get the chance to. I wish they could just keep Kaylee sedated but they explained to me that it's dangerous to give her strong drugs so they won't unless absolutely necessarily. They also want to observe her behavior.

I am just absolutely dreading breaking the news to her that her Gigi passed away yesterday. I'll be putting that off as long as possible. I have not even allowed myself to feel the loss because I am afraid I will break down entirely. I know everything is going to hit me hard later on, but my one focus right now is staying strong for Kaylee.

I will update again when I can.

PS Thank you to Denise and Sue for the food, thank you to my mom for the help, thank you to my brother Harry for watching my dogs, thank you to Al for helping with the baby and my dogs, thank you to Laura for offering your home to me for as long as we are in the hospital near you. Thank you to all my friends and family for the support, concern, and prayers. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate everything!


NC Sue said…
Oh my. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for all of you. May God grant each one of you his healing and strength, and may you remain confident of his love even in the midst of this worrisome time.

God bless you!

Janine Huldie said…
Oh Camille, my heart was breaking reading all of this and cannot even imagine. Seriously, I am truly at a loss for words. First off, I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother and knew she wasn't doing well, but had no idea that she was this bad off. My condole-scenes to you and your family.

As for Kaylee, I seriously am so very sorry that she was so sick and now all this strange behavior leading her to have to be hospitalized and sedated to keep her calm and not violent.

Your husband sounds similar to my own though and calm through it all, because I am more the one that would so be having a nervous breakdown by something like this.

I have no words of advice, just please take care of yourself (I know not easy for us mamas) and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers now.
Launna said…
Camille, oh my gosh... I feel so awful for you... for the loss of your grandmother, for the fact that you can't show it for having to deal with your poor daughter Kaylee's health issues. I truly hope they figure out what this is sooner than later. I feel so sad for her, for you , for her family.. You will most assuredly be my prayers and I will send out positive thoughts...
Crochet Hooks said…
I hope they figure it out quick! positive thoughts flowing your way!
Carrie said…
That poor baby! I can't even begin to imagine... Praying that they find the answers you need quickly and that you and hubs continue to find the strength needed to get all of you through this. Lots of positive thoughts and virtual hugs coming your way!
Julia Gibson said…
I stumbled upon your blog today accidentally. I am so sorry for your loss and I will pray for strength for you and your family and for the doctors trying to help your daughter.

R.F. Dietz said…
How traumatizing, how scary, how dangerous. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandma. I am so scared for your daughter and I hope and pray they figure out what happened that has caused her to be so chaotic and violent to herself. Thank god you have a support system that has come to assist you. :[ <3 your family is in my thoughts
Susan Cook said…
I hope they can help your daughter soon. That is so upsetting. I can't imagine what it could be, if she has never shown signs of this before.

I am sorry about your grandmother and for everything happening. Prayers for you and your family.
mail4rosey said…
All I can offer is hugs and positive thoughts, and I have those in abundance for you.

Anytime anything goes wrong with our children it's a straight to the heart thing, and I'm so feeling it for you, and I'm sorry too that you lost someone you loved. :(
Harley Cocks said…
Oh Camille, All my love hugs and positive thoughts to you. I can't imagine what it's like for you. and hope you're coping okay with gigi passing away too. Looking forward to the updates xxxxxxx
Sylvia Phillips said…
Oh Cami, this is so sad. My heart is breaking right along with yours! Poor precious child. I hope and pray that the problem is soon easily resolved never to happen again. I know how much of a nightmare this is for you. I'm so sorry about your Gigi too. You and your husband are both so strong and wonderful parents. I know that with God's help and the support of your family and friends you will all get through this trial.
Kristina said…
Oh Camille. I just read this. I'm so sorry to hear. Will pray for you and your family. I know on your latest post you said you are home.
Oh my goodness. Many prayers coming your way! I am so sorry.
Oh my goodness....so scary and terrible. I've heard of steroid reactions, but that's a lot. Going to read the other update. Definitely praying for you guys.

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