Flashback Friday

This is a picture that Grandma has had of her and me (she and I?) for as long as I can remember.

Link up an old picture, video, post, or whatever. Anything that's a 'flashback' to the past. :) Taking a button is optional. Have fun!! PS Since I forgot Thankful Thursday yesterday, feel free to link up your thankful posts too! I am very thankful that I got to spend some time with my grandma yesterday. She is back in Maryland so I can see her more often now, without having to make the 8 hour trip to TN with the kids. I'm sooo grateful for that!



Launna said…
I'm glad your grandma is closer and you get to see her more ;-)
Veronica Lee said…
Such a precious photo!! You were so cute! Still are!!

Happy Friday, Cami!
Julia Klimek said…
Hey Cami - awesome photo! Makes me want to go through my pix and find some of my grandparents (they're all gone now and I miss them!). I posted a recipe that's from last year... hope you have a great weekend! julia
Marie Moody said…
Hey Girlfriend, How's it goin? Love Love photos like this. I sure wish my Mom took pictures of me with my relatives. Oh well, can't cry over spilled milk as they say! Have a great weekend & thanks for sharing.
Erica D said…
Awww cute picture, grannies are the best! I miss mine so much, I was so close to her and I just wish she was still around but I keep her memory alive.


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