Baby Brynna - 11 Month Update!

I can't believe Miss Brynna Rose is already 11 months old! It has been so amazing watching her grow up and develop her own little (well, more like huge) personality! She's so close to becoming 1 year old, and it's a slightly frightening yet super exciting thought!!

This month, I would say that Brynna really blossomed socially. It may have something to do with being at the hospital all day every day for a week when Kaylee got sick. She would wave and blow kisses at everyone she saw. She was a ray of sunshine then, when everyone was worried and exhausted. Even though she was in a strange place and her normal schedule was destroyed, she was still her cheerful self!

Last time Brynn was weighed at the doctor's was a few days after she turned 10 months old. She was 22 pounds and 12 ounces (90th percentile) and 30 inches (95th percentile)!! Right now, our home scale says she weighs 24 pounds. Such a chubby girl! We like to call her Brynna Double Chinna, and joke about eating her for "dinna" lol.

She has learned a few new tricks, like turning off the lights when we leave a room. She gets so proud of herself! She also pretends to go to sleep when you tell her to "go nightnight." Soooo adorable! And she knows how to rub her hands together to wash her hands, lol.

She goes to bed around 8 at night and wakes up around 8 in the morning. She still wakes up at every tiny noise; it's so exhausting! Half of the time she just goes back to sleep by herself, but I still have to hop up every single time and make sure she doesn't start crying. I just can't take the chance that she will wake Steven and Kaylee up. Steven has to wake up at 4 for work so he really needs his sleep, and once Kaylee is up it completely ruins her schedule (and she REALLY needs a strict schedule to function). Thankfully, Steven is awesome and always tries to let me sleep in on the weekends! Best husband and dad ever. <3

Bee has one nap now, from noon to 2. She sleeps very well for her nap. I wish she'd do the same at night!

She can stand unsupported, but hasn't taken any steps by herself yet. She just drops into the crawling position and zooms off when she wants to go somewhere.

She is pretty good with getting off the couch and bed all by herself now. She can also climb up stairs on her own.

She still adores her big sister, but she does get cranky with her sometimes now. Kaylee will run crying to me a million times a day because B supposedly hit her, stole her toy, or hurt her feelings in some way. This is kind of the opposite of the sibling rivalry I was expecting to deal with. Who knew a baby could bully a 4 year old? Lol. But the majority of the time, they do get along and play nicely together. And they hate being apart! They both throw epic tantrums if one has to leave and the other is staying home. I guess the sibling rivalry is just a natural part of being sisters.

BrynBryn is starting to really use names in context now, including Mama, Dada, Nayna (my mom), and Sisss (Kaylee). If you ask her what a dog says, she replies, "ruff ruff," and if you ask her what a truck says, she goes, "vrumm vrumm!"

She signs nursemore, fox, eat, and tired regularly now. She also does a few others, and will imitate me when I'm trying to teach her one.

She loooves solids. She can eat pretty much anything by herself, even though she still only has 4 teeth. She also has a couple ounces of coconut milk and/or water a day in her sippy cup.

She usually breastfeeds around 4 times a day and a few times during the night. She had been having issues where she chokes on my milk and coughs a lot, and where she refuses to latch and bites me instead. But she's been nursing really well lately, so that's nice.

I am just so lucky to have this silly, sassy, snuggly little girl in my life. I adore being her mama. :) I can't wait for the next month of watching her continue to grow!

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Carrie said…
She's such a cutie!! My 2 year old is always bullying my 6 year old! It's funny how the babies always seem to win. :0)
Joyce Lansky said…
Aww. Cute bubelah!
mail4rosey said…
Such a sweet baby!! I agree that siblings just have that rivalry going on that everyone talks about. All of mine do, even the grown ones, but there couldn't be a closer bunch. :)

Susan Cook said…
She's growing fast. She is adorable - I love the 2nd picture she looks so happy - great smile. Sounds like she is doing great!
Launna said…
It is so amazing how fast they go... she is adorable :)

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