(Sorta) Wordless Wednesday

I made a coloring page for Kaylee. (The first half of these pics are from before Kay got sick.)
I said something along the lines of, "Don't play in the dirt, I don't want you to get all dirty because we're about to leave," and she goes, "I'm not PLAYING, I'm working; I'm an archaeologist!!"
Mommom and Winky (as Kaylee refers to my mother-in-law and her mom) visit. :)
Recent-ish art.
Yeah, Kaylee can create portals to alternate dimensions.
Brynna is one of those monsters everyones' afraid will sneak up and bite their toes.
She asked Steven for a Mulan hair style and this is what he did LOL.
Some of our Halloween decorations.
Some Japanese candy stuff that Cody left here. He works at an airline and goes to Japan a lot.
Even if with my sweet tooth, I could only eat one bite. It was just sooooooo sweet, it hurt my mouth.
Aries was stuck to Kaylee like glue when she came home from the hospital. Not sure if he knew she was sick or he just missed her!
Last pic of me with hair.
I found this on Steven's phone. I already knew he was weird but what the...? XD
Watching Sissy at swim class. :)
Bee wants to swim too!

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Janine Huldie said…
Totally just linked up from the Mommy Blog Hoppers today and hope you link up with us, too. Happy Wednesday, Camille!! :)
R.F. Dietz said…
You were kidding when you said Kaylee is an artist, she is a total freaking artist! I love the way she makes shapes with those little cut up pieces of construction paper.
Anna said…
Go, Kaylee! :)

Hope you all are doing well! :)
Erica D said…
Nice photos, I loved doing arts and crafts when I was a kid...I still do lol

Harley Cocks said…
Loove all the creativeness going on in your family.
And what an honorable thing you've done, shaving for Kaylee! Amazing mumma.
LOVE all the pictures, but the one from your hubby's phone made me burst out laughing...my hubby would TOTALLY do something like that, too!-Ashley
mail4rosey said…
lolol at the picture on the phone. Lots of great pics, like always. Have a great weekend!
Lizzy Allan said…
Fantastic art and decorations. Your kiddies are so cute!

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