12 Month Update!

My Brynna Bear is ONE!!!!

I can't believe a whole year has gone by since little Miss Brynna Rose was born!!! It's unreal how fast my babies are growing up. I feel like it was just yesterday that Kaylee was turning 1. I wish I could slow it all down!

Our little ray of sunshine 

Brynna is such an easygoing, affectionate little girl. She loves to gives kisses and hugs. At nap time, she will just snuggle up against me, and pet my cheek until she falls asleep. When I have to put her down to do something, she is fine playing by herself with her toys. When we go somewhere, she always behaves perfectly. She's basically just the easiest baby in the world and we all just adore her. :) Now would it be asking too much if she could also start sleeping through the night? Lol.

Sister luff  

Brynbryn adores her sister more than anything. She usually cries when Kay leaves for school in the morning, it's so sad. :( But then she is so happy when she wakes up from her nap and sees her. They usually play together all afternoon with hardly any sibling rivalry. Seeing their bond is my favorite thing in the world, and makes all the hard parts of having 2 kids more than worth it. :)

How big is baby?

♥ 24 pounds 5 ounces
♥ A little more than 30 inches
♥ 18-24 month clothes
♥ Medium size cloth diapers
♥ Size 3 disposable diapers
♥ Size 4 shoes

Always on the go!

♥ Stands and dances unsupported
♥ Can walk a few steps all by herself :)
♥ Still prefers crawling over walking, and can crawl super fast
♥ Climbs on everything, I can't turn my back for a second!
♥ Goes up the stairs
♥ Gets off the bed/couch by herself by sliding off backwards

Starting to really communicate!

♥ Says urse (nurse), mama, dada, sis (what she calls Kaylee), dat (that), Nayna (what she calls my mom), wolf (and she'll howl after she says wolf), Hay-ee (my brother, Harry), and I ruh ooo (her way of saying I love you - SO SWEET!)
♥ Understands a lot, for example if you tell her, "let's go upstairs," she'll make a beeline for the stairs
♥ Signs more, nurse, eat, water, wolf, fox, all done, tired, thank you, maybe a few more I might be forgetting
♥ Has invented a sign for yummy (a sort of backwards wave in front of her mouth)
♥ Signs a W when she sees my brother's friend, Will (she used to be afraid of him so he would say, "Hi, I'm Will," and sign a W when he saw her)

Likes :)

♥ Music
♥ Animals
♥ Bath time (with sissy, not alone!)
♥ Playing with her toys by herself
♥ Playing with Kaylee (they do fight over toys, but they usually work it out by themselves before I can intervene)
♥ Petting our doggies
♥ Taking care of stuffed animals and dollies (she pats, kisses, and cuddles them - so adorable)
♥ Watching Baby First TV (or any show with singing in it)
♥ Brushing her teeth
♥ Going out to places, seeing people, playing with other kids

Dislikes :(

♥ Staying in the house all day (that makes her super bored and whiny)
♥ When Sissy or Daddy leave the house
♥ Car rides when no one is in the back with her
♥ Getting her diaper changed and getting dressed (cue thrashing and screeching)
♥ Getting her nose wiped, nose suctioned, or face cleaned (cue loud fake crying)

Eating / Breastfeeding

♥ Still only 4 teeth
♥ Eats pretty much whatever we do
♥ She likes to feed herself and use utensils (which is very messy, lol)
♥ She has a sippy cup with coconut milk or water with meals
♥ Her favorite foods include cereal with coconut milk, pasta with margarine or spaghetti sauce, oranges, bananas, berries, freeze-dried fruit, steamed peas and carrots
♥ Breastfeeding is going really well, she signs milk and says "urse" when she wants to
♥ Nurses usually 4 times during the day and about twice at night (basically every 4 hours around the clock)
♥ Only nurses for like 5 minutes and then she's done, she doesn't use it for comfort

So clever and adorable ^_^

♥ Throws a ball
♥ Stacks blocks
♥ Shakes her head to say no
♥ Points to her belly when you say, "Where your belly?"
♥ I think she can also point to her nose and feet when asked
♥ Likes to switch off the lights when we leave a room
♥ Tries to put hats and headbands on her head
♥ Pretends to talk on the phone
♥ Knows to rub her hands together when washing her hands
♥ Likes to wipe her own mouth after eating
♥ Holds a bottle under the water in the bath until it fills up, then pours it on herself
♥ Pulls the bath plug out when I tell her it's time to get out of the bath
♥ Waves and blows kisses to everyone when we're out
♥ Lays her head down when you tell her to go nightnight
♥ Colors with crayons (when she's not trying to eat them)

Sleep, or lack thereof

♥ Wakes up at around 7:30 and goes to bed around 7
♥ Naps at about 11:30 for 2 hours or so
♥ She has good nights where she only wakes up once or twice, but most nights she still wakes up countless times
♥ She's getting better about putting herself back to sleep, I usually just tuck her back in and say "go back to sleep, sweetie"
♥ I think the main thing waking her up might be her congestion, so hopefully with all the changes we've been making to help her allergies she will finally start sleeping through the night soon!

An amazing year

This has definitely been the best year of my life so far. It's been really hard at times, but so worth it. I feel so lucky to have both of these amazing little girls in my life. I hope they always know that I love them more than anything, and I am trying to be the best mom I can for them!

To my sweet Brynna girl

One year ago, I held you for the first time
You were so tiny, so perfect
And I loved you fiercely and completely

For months, I could hardly bare to put you down
Each minute of you sleeping on my chest
Was such a precious gift

You were a calm and quiet baby
You were always content
As you observed the world with your wise eyes

Your dad and I worked so hard to get you to smile
For the longest time, you would only laugh for your big sister
We called you our super serious baby

You began to crawl and explore
You clapped your hands, gave hugs, and blew kisses
You loved it when your daddy threw you into the air

Now you are getting so big
You are learning new things every day
And blooming into such a joyful, loving little girl

Tonight, you fell asleep on my chest
And I just held you, like when you were tiny
Wishing that I could live in that moment forever

Because I know you will grow up so fast
You will turn 1 in a few days
Then in the blink of an eye, you'll be 2, then 3...

Then you'll be starting school, you'll have your first crush
You'll argue with me, you'll give me the silent treatment
Then before I know it, you'll be all grown up

It breaks my heart that you can't be my baby forever
But watching you grow up heals me at the same time
And being your mama is just amazing

Never doubt that I love you and your sister 
An unfathomable amount
And I will never, ever stop

No matter what you do, no matter who you are
I'll always be there for you
I'll always love you fiercely and completely


R.F. Dietz said…
This was such a beautiful post. I cant believe she's already hit the 12 month mark but I don't feel so bad about giant dylan because Bry is 24lbs too! ;] Only Dylan doesn't do these adorable things like pretending to talk on the phone and laying down when you say night night. Uh oh, Dylan just woke up from his nap. He must've heard me comparing. You have a beautiful family and regardless of this years lows, you're a lucky lady.
(◔‿◔) said…
Happy Birthday!
Miss Brynna Rose is so adorable!
The older she gets, the greater must be the cake. hehe
Thank you for hosting the no-rules-blog hoop. I thougt Mondy, but here is Weekend... Sry
Many Greetings & Wishes to you and your nice family, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | my photoblog
Janine Huldie said…
Love, love the poem tribute at the end. Seriously, such a a beautiful post and Happy Birthday again to your sweet, baby girl!! :)
Launna said…
This is beautiful, so touching... I loved the poem... wonderful.

She is adorable :)
Harley Cocks said…
Your poem gave me the warm and fuzzies!! Naww! So cute! Loved it!
I love how Bryn is still so content when she's tired, what an amazing little girl!! She is so incredibly forward too!
Heather Jones said…
Ah! A year definitely goes my in a flash! What sweet pictures! My boys do have some sybling rivalry, but those moments when they are sweet with each other are so so precious! I cherish those! What sweet girls you have and Happy Birthday little Brynna!
Chrissy Jordan said…
What an amazing tribute to your little doll! I'm absolutely in love with this post. :)

she is going to feel so special when she reads this as she gets older.

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