(Sorta) Wordless Wednesday

Pretending to go nightnight.
Brynn's first time sitting at the table. They were both so happy to eat lunch together.
She always tries to share what she's eating with Aries.
Flossing her teeth, lol.
Notice the blue on her face and hands? She started eating a blue marker.
Good thing it was nontoxic!
Throwing all my clean laundry on the floor, hahah.
I love her look of concentration. It's like a professor in a baby's body.
Aries was very interested in Kaylee's hamster game.
This is what Kaylee drew on her chalkboard. I was so sad when I saw it, but then Kay explained that he was only sad because he was a little constipated.
Hahah, Steven has a lot of fun on this iPad app, I think it's called Photobooth.
More proof that my husband is a weirdo: he likes to make sculptures with shaving cream, lol.
Brynn loves her Hannukah present from Nene and Grandpa Dave!
And Kay is having lots of fun with her present, too. :)
Eating spaghetti squash. You open the squash and the inside looks like spaghetti noodles! It's pretty bland, I like it with butter (well, Earth Balance).
Yummy vegan blueberry lemon cake from the co-op. Need to learn how to make this myself.
Picture taken by my mom-in-law. :)
Another one taken by my mom-in-law.
I found some pics that Steven had taken a while back. So cute.
Another coloring page I made for Kay. I usually trace things because I'm not a great artist lol.
I may possibly be a little too obsessed with Heroes. (I'm guessing Yatta basically means Hooray in Japan.)

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Janine Huldie said…
Happy Wednesday and always love seeing all your pictures this time of the week!! :)
Veronica Lee said…
Love the photos of your beautiful family, Cami!

Happy Wednesday!
R.F. Dietz said…
Your coloring page is so cute! I love the snail. Uhm, excuse me but why is Brynna so cute? Pretending to go night night? GEEZE! I really love Kaylee's imagination, I think she's your little artist.
Rebecca Hope said…
The kids are getting so big and growing up so fast!
Heather Jones said…
What sweet pictures! I think Aries probably loves Brynna for being so generous!

Meghan Deinhard said…
Constipated! lol To someone who has been sick that's a big deal! Happy Wordless Wednesday. Meghan at 2catsandacattledog.com
Sylvia Phillips said…
Such precious moments! Bethany loves Photo Booth too! She says she likes your cute babies!
Jason Alfred said…
I just love these photos. That baby is very cute and I really like the way she gave expression for each pictures. Lovely memory these will be indeed!!
Lulu G said…
They look so innocent when they sleep, little angels!

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