Flashback Friday

Sorry, no picture today, but I'll still put the linky up. This week has been so crazy. So glad it's Friday! Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? Don't know what we're doing yet, but hopefully I'll have a chance to catch up on blog stuff at some point!

Link up an old picture, video, or post! No rules, other than that. Taking a button is optional. Have fun!! :)


Thankful Thursday

Today I really want to just complain about how annoying my health issues are. Lately, my eczema has been worsening and I keep getting ear infections. But I guess I will try to look at the bright side and be thankful that none of my problems are life threatening. And with all the doctors I'm seeing and treatments I'm trying, I'll start feeling better soon. Hopefully!

What are you all thankful for today??

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[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

No one ever wants to smile for pictures. -_-
Brynna adores Aries because he's the only dog that doesn't get up and leave when she pets/pinches/pokes him, lol.
Our clay creations. Kaylee made the snail, I made the bird, and Steven made the bracelet and cat.
This was at a carnival Kaylee's school had.
I was chasing Kaylee around trying to get a pic. xD
Lunch break for bebe.
They got matching face paint.
Refusing to smile, no matter what kinds of funny things I do!
This is the best pic I could get, hahah.
I love these matching shirts. They say big sister and little sister. :)
I got Kaylee's school picture. I'd like to know how they got her to pose like that!
Brynna took this picture of herself, lol.
Our feeties. :)
I keep telling Kaylee no stickers on the baby's face, but she insists that she likes them on her face.
It's a boy outfit but oh well, still cute.
Tiger butt!
My best friend, Eva, got this UMBC onesie for Kaylee when she was a baby.  Eva had just started there, and now she has graduated! It's weird how fast time passes by. 
My mom with her girls. :)
I have tried rocking Brynna to sleep but it never works. Apparently my mom has the magic touch, she did with Kaylee too.
We decided to let her taste BBQ sauce.
JK! It is prune baby food. Don't report me, lol.
Yum yum!

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Playing Outside

I meant to post these pics like a month ago, they were sitting in drafts... I hope everyone is having a good week so far! I'm busy busy busy, as always. :)