Mommy & Me Monday

I love these shots that Steven got. Kaylee actually looks just like my grandma as a little girl in the first one. <3

Last Week's Mommy & Me Monday


Launna said…
This is a great picture of the three of you, you all look so happy... love it <3
So much love and so many smiles!

Are those cupcake jammies? So stinking cute!
Harley Cocks said…
All three of your hair is just about the same length now, you've caught up to Brynn ;)
Kristi Campbell said…
I love the photos! You look like you're all having such fun! YAY for Mommy and Me Monday!
R.F. Dietz said…
Hey, I want to laugh too! What's so funny? The love your daughters have for you is so physically evident in pictures. It's a sight to see (and treasure)
Oh these photos are just adorable. So much love! x
I just love the joy captured! Everybody looks so happy!

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