Mommy & Me Monday

Snuggle time. :)
A random pic Steven took when he was messing around with the settings of the camera, hahah.
Scenes from my life.

Last Week's Mommy & Me Monday


Janine Huldie said…
Loved all the pics of you and your girls. And that photo where Steven played with the settings. Awesome effect :)
Launna said…
I love snuggle time ♥ ... it looks like you had a fun time ♡
I love when you show the real stuff. Juggling kids and pets :) It warms my heart!!
Patricia Hinkel said…
Hi! What a good looking family you have there. Stopping by to say hello.
R.F. Dietz said…
I love that pitbull! Most definitely my favorite breed and the smartest dog I ever owned was a pit. Adorable family as always and awesome black/white pink shot..good job Steven! lol
mail4rosey said…
That's cool the way the black and white and color blended on the picture of you testing settings!!
I love the crazy and the cuddles...real life caught on "film"!

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