Short Internet Hiatus

I'm busy getting ready for our move right now, so I will be taking a week or so off from the computer. I had no idea how stressful packing would be with 2 kids, lol. I feel like I'm losing my mind! If I do have any time to get on, I will be trying to catch up on reading and commenting on everyones' blogs. :)

By the way, as of the 28th, I officially have a 5 year old! Kaylee had a great birthday, and much to her surprise, being 5 doesn't feel much different than being 4, hahah!


Janine Huldie said…
Happy Birthday to Kaylee. Emma will be 5 in July here and can't believe it either. And hope everything goes well with the move. Thinking of you!! :)
Bren said…
Good luck on your move! Look forward to see pics of the new digs! Happy Birthday to Kaylee!
Good luck with the move and happy birthday to Kaylee!
Launna said…
Packing without children is hard... packing with them... a lot more work. Happy Birthday to Kaylee... they grow so fast ♡
R.F. Dietz said…
Aw! A five year! Happy birthday Kaylee!!! She's getting so big. Her hair color is to die for. Moving is a lot of work without kids so I cant even imagine with two running around. I feel like Dylan would unpack anything I was packing. Yikes! Remember to to breaks and not to exhaust yourself. And congratulations, it's always exciting to start new somewhere. I'll miss you this next week
All the best with the move guys! And happy birthday happy girl <3
Anna said…
Best wishes with your move! Happy Belated birthday to Kaylee! My niece's birthday is also on the 28th! :)
Happy Birthday to your dear daughter! Take care and best wishes in your move...Much aloha, Lori

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