[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

I noticed a progression in these shots of me teaching Kaylee the slinkee trick and then her teaching it to Brynna. It wasn't intentional, and I thought it was neat. :)

Yum yum sugar-coasted dough balls. :D

I look like a Great Horned owl before my shower in the morning. xD

My wedding ring finally fit back on! ...but then it wouldn't fit back off. :(

B, lately.

Recent sister moments.

More sister moments. :)

Playing "go shopping and cook dinner."

Brynna is so proud to build a tower just like big sissy. (And Aries is waiting for his opportunity to lick baby drool. xD)

Kay putting on a puppet show for Bryn.

I never want to forget how she talks to her stuffed animals before she falls asleep.

Just found this pic of when Bee was teeny tiny!

Feels like it was just yesterday.

One of Brynn's first drawings. :)

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Echo A said…
I love these pictures! Especially the sibling moments!
Rebecca Hope said…
The drawing is adorable. Reg just did his too not too long ago and it looked exactly like this :)
Janine Huldie said…
Always love seeing your girls together and yay to your wedding rings fitting again! Happy Wednesday, Camille to you!! :)
R.F. Dietz said…
OMG! Bee was so small...aww. Kaylee's sunglasses are awesome- and boy do those girls have a lot of toys! I love the attention Brynna gives her stuffed animals. I wish I could decode what these babies are saying when they talk to things.

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