15 Months!

Wow, I feel like Brynna JUST turned 1, and now she is 15 months! It's been a really fun 3 months. She has grown and changed so much! She's still a really easygoing, affectionate baby (I just can't seem to make the switch to calling her a toddler). She is getting more of an attitude, but all in all, she is calm and quiet. In comparison to Kaylee, who has always been a very fiery spirit, Bryn reminds me of a gently flowing river.

I remember when Kaylee was around this age, she was already very chatty. Brynna can say Mama, Dada, Woof woof, Pup pup, Nurse, and a few other things. But in general, she's not much of a talker. She mostly prefers signing and pointing. She signs More, All done, Eat, Milk, Nurse (same as milk but she says Urse while she signs), and a few others.

She can understand pretty much everything we say at this point. If I say "Let's change your diaper," she goes to get a new diaper. If I ask her if she wants a snack, she nods. She recognizes the names of all the foods she regularly eats. She is happy to do little errands for me if I ask her to, like go put her dirty clothes in the hamper or bring something to Kaylee.

She loooves food. Her favorites are pasta, oatmeal, freeze-dried fruit, toast with butter, and popsicles. She will eat pretty much anything though, including spicy cabbage! And she's getting pretty good with using a spoon and fork.

She's still nursing, but not very much during the day. Mostly just when she wakes up, before she goes to sleep, and a few times during the night. She gets a sippy cup of coconut milk during the day. (Dairy makes her congested.)

She was weighed and measured pretty recently, and she was 24 pounds and 31 inches. I think she's probably grown though because she went up to size 4 in disposable diapers and size 5 in shoes. She still wears 18-24 month clothes with some 2Ts.

She has 11 teeth now; her 8 front teeth, 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom, then she skipped a tooth (some teeth?) and got 3 molars. A fourth molar is about to pop through too.

In the time between 12 and 13 months, she went from unsteady walking to running all over the place. She loves walking and never wants to be carried or ride in a stroller when we're out.

Brynn loves music, especially Green Day and the Frozen soundtrack. She also likes singing nursery rhymes and does all the motions with me when I do songs with hand movements, like The Itsy Bitsy Spider. She often hums to herself and dances, it's too cute!

She loves playing outside and going to the park. She will swing for hours if you let her.

She is always happy to get out of the house. Steven often takes her to run errands. If she does get fussy in the car, turning on the radio usually cheers her right up.

She absolutely ADORES animals, especially dogs. She is always petting and snuggling our dogs. She will give our new puppy really tight hugs and I have to make sure she doesn't squish her!

She and Kaylee are inseparable. They play, snuggle, squabble, make up, and comfort eachother when the other is upset.

Brynna follows her big sissy everywhere and wants to copy everything she does. Unfortunately, that includes throwing very loud, dramatic tantrums!

We really try to limit TV because Brynna is the type of kid who will sit there and watch it endlessly. She loves Barney or anything with singing. Both kids are really obsessed with Frozen right now.

She's usually really good about playing by herself when Kaylee isn't home or doing her own thing. She likes dollies the best and pretends to feed them and rock them.

She usually wakes up 7:30 on the dot, has her nap at noon to 2, then goes to sleep at 7:30. I usually nurse her at 10 before I go to bed, and she generally wakes up once to nurse at around 3am. She does wake up a lot during the night, I know because I hear her moving around, but she will usually put herself back to sleep. (Yay!!)

Every day she surprises me with how clever she is. Like earlier today, she saw her clean sippy cup and started screwing the top on all by herself. She also apparently knows how to turn on the TV. And she managed to put her own shoe on the other day (usually she just puts them on her hands, which really amuses her, lol).

She is just like Kaylee in the sense that she loves jewelry and headbands and stuff. She likes sparkles and basically anything pretty. Yep, I am a total tomboy and my daughters are both girly girls, lol!

Lately, Bee has been a total daddy's girl. She always reaches for him when she's cranky or hurts herself. It's adorable, I love that my girls have such an awesome dad. <3

I am so lucky to be this little girl's mommy. I love waking up to her snuggles every morning, I love seeing her sweet smile every day. Even at just 15 months old, she is such a unique person. I can't wait to see what she is like as she keeps growing up!!

Monthly Pics | 12 Month Update | 18 Month Update
(The adorable romper and headband set in the first 5 pics was made by Butterfly Baby.)


Launna said…
She is so adorable ... they grow so quickly, it seems to flash before your eyes :)
Karen said…
wow...that time just flew babe. I have to do a better job of reading blogs. She's such a little girl now...they just grow TOO fast.
Janine Huldie said…
Wow, i cannot believe how big she is getting. My girls are total girlie girls, too and they would love listening to the Frozen CD with her, because they too are addicted to it!! :)
mail4rosey said…
Spicy cabbage, hahaha, you're lucky! My granddaughter is eating broccoli and loves it. :)

It's cute that she knew to put her own twist lid on. I love when we makes those discoveries. She' just as sweet as she can be in the pictures!

Happy 15 months to her. :)
Echo A said…
These pictures are adorable! It goes by way too fast!
Sylvia Phillips said…
She is so adorably Precious!
R.F. Dietz said…
It has been so fun to see her grow! I remember the first few videos I saw of her dancing, hugging daddy, and being a little cutie. She is such a big sweetheart and the pink outfit with the pearls makes me wish I had a daughter just like her! It's so sweet the way she loves her pets and gives them kisses, and the bond between her and Kaylee is unbreakable. Your family is very special!
Anna said…
She is just adorable! Especially love that first outfit and the little pearls! <3
Harley Cocks said…
Aren't the growing so so fast. I love Brynn's first outfit.. she's a little model! Sitting there so nicely.
Cait said…
i'm so glad i came across your blog as i'm a new mom and always looking for advice or seeing how others are doing :) cant wait to read more!
x S.K.K x said…
Oh this girl is seriously adorable!!! and very very smart as well! you should be very proud!!!
Kim said…
So cute! My Little is just about the same age, and I have an older daughter too.

Found you via Mommy Moments!

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