[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Cleaning in style, lol.

Waldorf dolls! <3

They wear eachother out.

New monkey friends, a present from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend. :)

Brynna feeding her new baby, one of the presents from my father-in-law and his wife. (We exchanged Christmas gifts very belatedly. But that's ok, there's nothing better than a random mini Christmas in March, lol.)

Steven and Kaylee's foam creations.


Petting one of my parents' doggies, Missy.

Missy and her sister, Kirby.

Kaylee made crowns for me and her Mommom (my mother-in-law).

Brynna being lazy, lol.

Using a store aisle as a fashion runway.

Recent sister moments. :)

Balloon hat dance party!

Just practicing her cute faces. Of which she has many.

Yes I'm a stalker mommy!

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Janine Huldie said…
Love that you had a bit of Christmas in March and think we could all use a bit of that now, because March was and is always just a long month. That said loved all your pics once again and Happy Wednesday now!! :)
R.F. Dietz said…
I want to be a stalker mommy too! She looks so peaceful sleeping. Before I read the runway caption that is EXACTLY what I thought, she is a runway show stopper! Christmas presents in March sounds very fun, and is it weird that I want to eat the foam? It looks yummy lol
mail4rosey said…
I was a baby monitor mommy stalker too. ;)

The pictures are great. I love the crowns and your little one feeding her baby. :)
I can't even handle how big the girls are! How fast the time does go!

They are both so cute!


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