No Rules Weekend Blog Hop #12

Sorry it's up late! The crazy level over here is still pretty high. Moving is a lot of work, with the painting, fixing up, unpacking, finding all new doctors, finding new jobs, etc. all while taking care of 2 kids who are acting up and aren't sleeping through the night because their environment is all different. Plus, two dogs and a new puppy who all have their own issues. But I'm sure we'll all adjust and find a new normal soon, hopefully!

This hop will run every week from Friday morning to Sunday night. No rules, link up anything! As many links as you want. Taking a button is optional. Remember, visiting other links is what makes blog hops work! Thanks for participating, have fun. :) For more link-ups, check out my blog hop library.


(◔‿◔) said…
Thanks 4 hosting this project.
I wish you a happy weekend, Wieczora (◔‿◔)| My photoblog
Harley Cocks said…
Wow!! Crazy town in your place atm!!
JK said…
This was the first cookie recipe I adapted once I was diagnosed with severe food allergies. What do you think?

R.F. Dietz said…
That is a whole lotta stuff going on at the same time- geeze!

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