A Day In My Life // Mommy & Me Monday

Life has changed a lot since the last time I recorded a day in my life, so I thought I'd do it again. :) PS If I add all the details like changing diapers and letting the dogs, it turns out to be way too much writing, so I'll just try to stick to the basics.

6ish - Brynna wakes up, I nurse her in bed and doze. (She only woke up once during the night, nursed and went right back to sleep. And Kaylee slept through the night! :)

6:45ish - Steven is getting up so I ask him to keep an eye on Brynna while I shower.

7 - Steven and I chat for a bit while the 3 of us eat breakfast, then he goes to get ready for work. (Brynn is so lazy, she eats her toast laying down. xD)

7:30 - Kaylee wakes up and joins us.

8 - Steven goes to work. The girls and I snuggle on the couch and watch Kaylee's favorite show, Pokemon.

8:45 - I feed the kids and dogs breakfast (Brynn always eats second breakfast, she's a hobbit lol). My sister-in-law, Alysha, wakes up and gets ready to go, then leaves.

9 - I set the kids up to color while I tidy up a bit.

9:25 - The girls play with their toys while I check my email and do my daily clicks. After a while, Bee comes over to nurse.

9:50 - Kay wants to play on ABCmouse. I play with Bee for a bit, then wants a snack, which she smears in her hair.

10:25 - The kids "help" me with some chores. Then Bee draws on the doodle board and Kay goes back to playing on the computer while I do more chores.

10:40 - The kids snuggle up to watch Brynna's favorite show,  Wheels on the Bus, while I check my Facebook. Then we eat lunch.

11:15 - I read to them for a while. Then Kaylee watches more Pokemon while I put Brynna down for her nap. Alysha gets home and hangs out with us for a bit then goes to her room to do homework.

Noon - I help Kaylee practice her writing and reading.

12:30 - Brynna starts crying but puts herself back to sleep after a minute. (Upside down, lol.) Then Kaylee and I play for a bit, then she goes off to play by herself. I make Steven's lunch and do some laundry.

1:10 - Bee wakes up and I go nurse her. Steven gets home for his lunch break. Brynna and I doze for a while. Then we wake up and eat a snack. Steven goes back to work.

2:30ish - I do some chores, take Brynn's 16 month pics, then we play in the playroom.

3:30 - We start getting ready to go to the park. About a half an hour later, we are (finally) ready, and head out. Alysha comes with us. When Steven gets off work, he joins us there.

4:35 - Brynna gets cranky so I take her home to get a snack. I feed the dogs, then practice sign language a bit. Brynna plays with some toys, then comes over to nurse, then goes back to playing.

5:10 - Everyone else gets home from the park. We all just hang around and chat for a while.

5:35 - The kids really want to go back outside, so I play with them in the yard. Steven and Alysha play a video game.

6:10 - We eat some leftovers for dinner. Then Steven takes Kaylee to run a quick errand and I do blog stuff with Brynna in my lap.

7 - We watch a little bit of this weird show called Pingu. Then I get the kids ready for bed and Steven reads them bedtime stories.

8:10 - I go into get them to sleep. Kaylee is out like a light after 1 lullaby, but Brynna is being goofy and won't lay down. After some nursing, rocking, singing, and back patting, she finally goes to sleep.

9 - Time to forget about my responsibilities and just watch some tv with Steven!

11ish -  Brynna wakes up to nurse, then goes back to sleep. Steven and I go to bed. It was a good day. :)

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Janine Huldie said…
Sounded like a pretty damn near perfect day to me and hope you are having a mother wonderful day today, as well!! :)
R.F. Dietz said…
Isn't it absolutely crazy how you set out to get ready for something like going to the park and by the time you're out the door a half hour passed? Kid time is so freaking insanely fast. There's so much going on and even when you list it out, there's so much that pops up that is nothing but time time time. LOL @ the kids helping you with chores, they think they wanna help but they really dont. Your family is so cute.
Launna said…
It does sound like a good day Camille... I kind of miss those days I was home with my daughters, just doing some fun things without too much of a routine :)
Double Trouble said…
Sounds like you had a lovely day, both your girls are so adorable.
Betty Taylor said…
Hello to a bad-ass blogger! I really don't know how you make time to blog. It wore me out just reading about your day!

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