Influenster and Gillette® Venus® Snap Review!!

I've always been too cautious to sign up for any sites that give you free things to review, but lately I've noticed that so many of my bloggy friends seem to love Influenster. I decided to sign up and bam, I'm getting free stuff in the mail!

I got my first VoxBox this week, and it contained a Gillette® Venus® Snap with Embrace. It's a mini on-the-go razor with "water activated ribbon of moisture," which to my understanding is basically built-in shaving cream.

When it got here, I ran up to go test it out. My husband was pretty confused until I explained everything. He was like, "You haven't shaved for months, why now?" LOL. (Just for the record, I did shave a couple weeks ago. >_>)

I opened it up and was a little doubtful. This thing is tiny!! It's not going to be able to deal with my super spiky legs, especially without shaving cream! I was like, great, my first product review and I'm going to have to write a crappy post about it, lol.

But then I tried it out, and I was surprised that it worked great! It would be an awesome on-the-go razor, all you need to use it is water. I can see how it'll really come in handy when I'm traveling or camping. I'll probably use it at home too, just because with the kids, sometimes I don't get the chance to get in the shower or bath and shave properly.


I just put on my regular lotion afterward and my legs were nice and smooth. No razor burn at all!

I also like that it has a carry case because usually I bring a razor in a plastic baggy and it gets all moist and nasty in there. Oh, and apparently it fits any Venus refill cartridge. :)

Disclosure: I got free stuff, gave my honest opinion about it, and didn't get paid for it!


R.F. Dietz said…
That's the razor I use only the full size. I had no idea they had a cute small one! I must Your review is funny, I like it lol
Janine Huldie said…
I love the full size of this and have been using Venus razors for years now. They really are the best and so awesome you got this for free :)
SFR said…
That looks epic - but ridiculously tiny!!! Venus are awesome razors though!

Sim @ Sim's Life xx
Anna said…
It's so cute! Lol
I got this razor from I fluenster too! And I loved it! It uses the same razors as the regular one just attached to a mini handle. Its kind of awkward to use at first but you get used to it!

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