Mommy & Me Monday

Fun with hats! :) This is up late because we spent the morning at the doctor; Bee has an eye infection. We got some antibiotic ointment for it, so hopefully it will clear up soon!!

Last Week's Mommy & Me Monday


Janine Huldie said…
Aww, hope that Bee is doing better and sending good thoughts your way :)
R.F. Dietz said…
Her eye was so bad! It would have freaked me out to wake up to that but it seems like she was a good sport about it. I hope the ointment helps and heals asap!
Harley Cocks said…
You are such an amazing Mummy Camille!
I've nominated you for a Liebstar Award
mail4rosey said…
The pics are cute. I hope the eye infection is gone soon too!
Love the floppy hats! Nothing like a cute accessory photo shoot for summer! *Visiting from Mommy & Me Mondays*
The hats are adorable! I sure hope her eye is better now!

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