[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday

Kaylee and one of her experiments... We've been doing child-led homeschooling, and it's turning out to be rather messy, hahah.

This bike is in our backyard. I felt like taking a pic of it.

I was unpacking and found some dollies Geegee wanted me to give Kay. She was so happy because she loves dolls and because it was a present from Geegee.

Kay gave him a manicure, lol.

I had just given her a bath and she was acting out giving her babies a bath. So cute!

I was done tidying up and noticed the kids' doll collection looks rather creepy all together...

Recent Kaylee art, I think Brynn helped with a couple.

An adorable pic of my mom-in-law, brother-in-law, and Steven.

Another one! (Steven is the younger one.)

Just for kicks, here is me as a baby on the left, Brynna in the middle, and Steven on the right. Who do you think she looks like? :)

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Janine Huldie said…
Brynna looks just like Steven and you can totally see it. Great pics as always and Happy Wednesday. Linking my Monday post up that was pic heavy!! :)
Sylvia Phillips said…
Funny how you guys all look alike!
I love Kaylee's art work! I love the bike pic too. I used to have one just like it except the basket was on the back!
Launna said…
I think she looks like both of you but more like you.. she is a sweetie... Have a great day Camille :)
R.F. Dietz said…
I don't know, those baby pictures confuse me! Now I don't know who Brynna looks like lol! I see you both. I LOVE KAYLEE'S ART!!!!! I've always been a fan. I also love the nurturing nature Brynna has- giving her dolls so much love and keeping them clean (lol!). Your girls are very special.

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