Brynna Updates: 16 - 18 Months

16 Months

Brynna is getting so big and so independent! She wants to do everything by herself and walk everywhere when we're out. She isn't into being carried around or pushed in a stroller anymore.

She's been a major daddy's girl lately. She even reaches for him instead of me when she's hurt.

She loves playing outside and going to the park. She is so proud of herself that she can climb up the stairs and go down the slide all by herself now.

She's been nursing a lot more lately, especially at night. It's exhausting, I hope she cuts back soon. She's been up literally 15 times a night some nights. Must be going through a growth spurt or something!

She just adores animals. She's obsessed with the new puppy, she follows her around all day trying to cuddle her.

She is a very quiet kid. She still only says mama and dada regularly. She does say a few other words sometimes, and she knows a lot of animals noises.

She's been hitting and screaming when she doesn't get her way, especially when she's getting tired. Just a preview for the terrible two's, I guess!

She has been able to go up the stairs for a while now, but can finally go down them now. She goes down backwards.

She has 12 teeth now. (Basically all of them but the canines/cuspids.) She can (and will!) eat pretty much anything. She's getting pretty good at using utensils too.

She idolizes Kaylee and likes to follow her everywhere, copying everything she does. Sometimes they get cranky with eachother, but usually they're inseparable. <3

17 Months

She added a new word to her vocabulary recently, "hot." She knows what it means too, she uses it for lamps that are turned on and hot food. She also does the sign when she says it.

We practice signing throughout the day and she knows quite a few, including eat, more, all done, play, and nurse.

I am always surprised at how much Brynna understands. She may not be much of a talker, but she understands pretty much everything you say. For example, the other day I told her we're going to go put on her socks, and she ran to her sock drawer and picked out two!

She has started drinking out of a regular cup at meals. It can be a bit messy, but she is so proud of herself for it, and likes having the same type of cup as her big sissy. (She still gets a sippy cup most of the time.)

She loves being read to, especially by Kaylee.

She likes watching The Wheels On The Bus, Baby Genius, Barney, and Signing Time on Netflix. She's really only interested in watching when they're is singing.

She will sometimes watch movies with Kaylee. They both like to put on their princess dresses to watch Frozen, and they dance along when there is singing.

We usually go for a walk everyday and I'm surprised how far Bryn can walk now. The other day she walked a mile and a half before she got tired!

Her bangs have been getting in her eyes and annoying her so I trimmed them a bit. Now she really looks like she has a mullet, lol.

We decided to try sleep-training her using our own version of the PUPD method. Basically, I'd comfort her when she cried but once she was calm I'd lay her back down to fall asleep by herself. It was VERY tedious at first, but we were happy to see definite results in just a couple days! Now she is sleeping through the night most nights other than waking up to nurse once or twice.

Now that she was nearly sleeping through the night, we decided to move her into Kaylee's room. It took a little bit of a transition period, but now they love sharing a room and often comfort eachother back to sleep. :)

They've been having a bit of sibling rivalry lately, but they play together nicely most of the time.

18 Months

Brynna is so affectionate lately. She loves giving hugs and kisses. Especially if someone seems cranky, she will pat them and give a kiss. So sweet!

She's been saying a LOT more words including eyes, ears, hop, pop, nana (banana), cat, mouse, fish, socks, hat, heart, oval, up, and "Okay, bye" (she got that from the movie 'Frozen'). She answers questions now by saying "ess" for yes and shaking her head for no.

I noticed she's been running more and waddling less, lol. She can also jump now!

She is such a little helper. I give her little chores, like "Throw this away," "Put this in hamper," and "Put these blocks back in the bin." She loves helping, she's so proud of herself after the job is done. :)

We always read before nap and bedtime and she just loves being read to. Some of her favorites are Hop On PopPat The Bunny, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She likes listening to Kaylee's longer books too.

She's been sleeping through the night except for a dream-feed at 11pm, before I go to bed. So on the nights Kaylee doesn't have a night terror, I actually get to sleep through the night!! I've been waiting for this for over 5 years, lol!

She now weighs 28 pounds now and is 31 inches tall. Yep, she's a chunk! She has about the same waist size as Kaylee and they actually share clothes sometimes, lol.

She loves food and she will still eat pretty much anything. (Aside from dairy, which she can only tolerate a little of or it wreaks havoc on her body.)

She loves singing to herself. She tries her best to copy a tune, although most of the words end up as la la or da da. She does sing "ashes, ashes, all fall down" pretty well.

I've noticed she's become a bit self-conscious lately. If she's sitting by herself and she catches you looking at her, she acts embarrassed and annoyed, lol.

We've started a bit of informal potty training. It's very low key, more of just diaper free time where we let her get used to the idea.

She recently got a welt on her eyelid which led to an eye infection because she kept rubbing it. Then she got more welts on left foot and left hand. Her eye got better but her hand and foot were extremely swollen, to almost twice their normal size. We took her to 3 different doctors and no one could figure out what was causing it. Their best guess was she is very sensitive to mosquito bites.

Her favorite luvvie is still her teddy bear. Her close second is her Waldorf doll.

She's been doing a few more signs lately, one of them being "sorry." She apologizes to Kaylee whenever she thinks she somehow upset her. It really helps smooth over their little sibling spats. Lol, I can see Bee is the peacemaker in the family!

Feeling under the weather really messed up her sleeping schedule. She's been waking up a bunch of times to nurse, and waking up for the day at 5am. It's really exhausting, I hope she gets back into her old routine soon!!

We decided to celebrate her half-birthday. We didn't sing or give presents or anything, just told her she was 1 and a half and gave her a cupcake. I'm sure she didn't understand, but she enjoyed the cupcake. :) Kaylee also got one for 18 months of being an awesome big sister!

This is such an exciting age. Every day she learns something new and her personality starts to show a little more. I'm trying to soak it all up and savor every minute, because she's growing up way too fast!!

There's just nothing better than getting to watch my babies grow up and become their own people. I don't know how I got so lucky. This motherhood thing just keeps getting better and better! Best adventure ever. ♥

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Janine Huldie said…
Still can't believe how big she is getting - such a cutie and love seeing a recap here from the last few months now :)
Echo A said…
She is too cute! Love the update!
Launna said…
Camille... she is so adorable ♡
Gorgeous photos of your family.
R.F. Dietz said…
Aw I love these updates. I have the same “whoa” with Dylan when it comes to him understanding a lot more than he verbalizes. I’m always surprised when he knows what something means, even if he wont say it himself. And the chores? LOL! I do that all the time. I tell him to throw away his diaper and he does it and gets so proud. The hitting? Oh man. That is annoying. I feel battered sometimes! Bry is a total daddys girl! Meanie face. Lol I love that you gave them both cupcakes! Good big sisters deserve recognition too :] and it’s true. This is such an exciting (and exhausting age)! She’s cuter than ever!
Corinna said…
What a little sweetie pie! I love her name and it was one of my top choices for my almost one-year-old, but we ultimately chose Jenna for her. I have a Kayla too so I think you have great taste in names ;)
Corinna said…
What a little sweetie pie! I love her name and it was one of my top choices for my almost one-year-old, but we ultimately chose Jenna for her. I have a Kayla too so I think you have great taste in names ;)
Harley Cocks said…
I see her new bed now, looks fantastic, such a good idea. Im glad her eye is better now xx
So much cute. I love that first picture of the girls looking at each other!

And that bed has a slide on it? That's awesome! Please don't tell my girls that's an option!

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