Mommy & Me - Father's Day Edition

My husband sometimes makes questionable parenting decisions, such as letting a 1 year old eat an entire beef jerky stick or putting winter clothes on a kid in the middle of summer (and vice versa)... But he is an awesome dad and he always puts his kids first. I am so glad my babies have a dad like him!! <3

Happy Father's Day, everyone! :)

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Janine Huldie said…
Aww, Happy belated Father's Day to your husband!!! :)
Launna said…
Awe... so very sweet :)
R.F. Dietz said…
HAHA! Love that jerky story. LOL too funny! Happy father's day to your beautiful daughters' dad. ADORABLE photos, you all should be so proud! <3!
I love the picture at the bottom! Sweet kisses for Daddy! *Visiting from Mommy and Me Mondays beef jerky for one year olds? Hmmm....maybe I've been goofing up?

Love all of the daddy kisses!

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