(Sorta) Wordless Wednesday

A note my mom sent us the day before she came to visit. <3
Brynna took some selfies on my phone, lol.
She wanted me to make her a headband out of a ribbon.
Sometimes the kids give me flowers. Sometimes they give me giant clumps of onion grass... xD
Training Sasha to sit.
They adore my sister-in-law's bunny!
Enjoying one of her fave dinners, beans and rice. :)
Kaylee added carrots to the small list of foods she will eat, yay!!!
She discovered her shadow.
Looks like they're playing Ring Around The Rosie, hah.
She decided Aries needed a dental exam.
My mom gave us some clothes for the kids and I'm not sure who this outfit was meant for, but it fits both of them!
Kaylee saw me playing Guild Wars 2 and wanted to try. She ended up making her own character which is now level 17! This gamer mommy is so proud, lol.
When I met Steven in Guild Wars, I never dreamed that one day he'd be playing the same game with our kid!
Me and my brothers in 2002. <3

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SFR said…
Some fab images as always! Thank you for hosting and allowing me to link up! Sim @ SimsLife.co.uk x
Janine Huldie said…
My girls are totally into Disney Infinity and my gamer husband is totally proud here, too!! :)
R.F. Dietz said…
OMG! I LOVE THE SELFIE! lol with her hand on her neck! so cute. and yay for carrots! Dang picky eaters! I love how they can share that outfit, it's cute seeing it on both of them. Love this series of photos

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