Wordless Wednesday

I hope everyone is having a great week. We are doing pretty good over here, except that Brynna has some weird welts on her body. (In some of the pics below, you can see one on her eye.) The doctors don't know what it is for sure but they think they're some sort of bug bites. We'd be super thankful for any prayers / positive energy being sent her way! ♥

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R.F. Dietz said…
Well her eye looks much better! I'm sending loads of love and positivity her way and hope it goes away ASAP. She looks just as happy as ever though! PS. Thanks for scaring me with that spider pictuerijkgfdjkgh ahhhh!!!!!!!!!
Echo A said…
I always love your pictures! The pigtails are priceless!
Janine Huldie said…
Lily had an allergic reaction her first summer (she was about 9 months old) and looked like welts all over. They did end up going away and we never truly knew what they were. The doctor gave her steroids orally to get rid of and to be honest just glad I never saw them again. I hope she is better soon now and will send tons of good thoughts and prayers your way.
Anna said…
Love all of the pics!

I hope that Brynna's skin irritation clears up soon. Declan rolled around in the grass the other day and he broke out. (It was a shorter period of time, but maybe it's something outside.) She could have seasonal allergies or something. Praying for her!

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