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I'm a little behind with this project, I didn't realize how hard it would be to get pics of just the 2 of us!!

Yes there's a kid in the corner, but I'm gonna count this as a couples' pic. :)

A selfie during Steven's lunch break, lol.

Kaylee took these for us!

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Janine Huldie said…
Behind or not, you are better then me and totally don't have a couple pic of Kevin and I from the last month or so here at all. Love your pics though and you two look wonderful together :)
R.F. Dietz said…
This project you’re doing with couples photos is inspiring! I was looking for pictures of my husband and I sans Dylan and I can hardly find any! We have been taken over by a kid and it’s a little out of control lol
Launna said…
Sometimes it's hard to find a little couple time when you are not exhausted :-) Great pictures :-)

Thank you for the award... that's sweet of you ♡
mail4rosey said…
Your daughter got you centered nice in the last set!
Aww this is so cute. There are almost no pictures of me, since I'm the one taking them, let alone pics of myself and the hubby. Thanks for sharing. Hello from Weekend No Rules Blog Hop.
stephi_baybee said…
It doesn't matter if you were behind you managed it! I just love how this challenge reminds you to take a photo of each other together. We don't have enough of them and I would hate to get years down the line and not have any. This challenge makes sure we do! Your daughter didn't cut your heads off so she did good!

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