Wordless-ish Wednesday

Color time! Bryn is trying so hard to stay in the lines like Sissy.

We found a caterpillar. Kay named him Caterpie, then he "evolved" into Metapod lol.

My little kitchen helpers. :)

Yummy gluten free cake. Apparently we just had to make cake because it was one of Kaylee's imaginary friend's birthdays, hahah.

Why does painting always turn into finger painting? Lol.

Playing hide and seek. Yes, Kay is wearing green eye shadow.

This is pretty much her only hiding place, lol.

Aww, I found this pic on Steven's phone.

Fun at Babies R Us.

This was a while back but I got my Origami Owl bracelet. :)

Ready for story time! Bryn looks so angelic, lol.

Apparently she REALLY loves this little bunny toy lol.

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R.F. Dietz said…
Awwwwwwwww I looove her green eyeshadow! I'm not even big on kids in makeup but it looks so pretty :] LOL At the caterpillar
Janine Huldie said…
Once again both your girls made me smile today and got to thank you for that. Seriously, the eye shadow was too cute and love my Origami Owl, too by the way :)
Betty Taylor said…
Love all the wonderful candid pictures. I have pictures of my children creating their own body art. Your children added a touch of joy to my day.

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