A Day In My Life

Life will be changing soon! My baby girl is somehow old enough to go to Kindergarten. I am working on FINALLY conquering my fear of driving. After that, I'm hoping I will be able to either get a job or go back to college. I am so excited for the future, but at the same time, I feel sad that I won't get to just spend all day with my girls. No matter how much I can't wait to branch out and live more of my own life, it's just so bittersweet. I want to soak up all these mundane moments of playing, snuggling, and even whining, because they are just so precious. Being a stay at home mom has been the most amazing experience. It's been a huge challenge at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I wanted to record one of last days of life the way it is now, before all these big changes start happening. So, here it is. :)

4ish - Molly wakes me up to go outside. (I forgot to let her out before bed, whoops!) I go back to sleep.

5ish - Bryn wakes up, I nurse her for a few minutes then we both go back to sleep. (Both kids slept through the night until now, which is awesome!)

6ish - Steven gets up, gets ready for work, and leaves without waking anyone up. This earns him major husband points, lol!

7:30 - The kiddos wake up. I make them breakfast, then tend to the dogs.

8 - I turn tv on for the kids and go on the computer while I eat my breakfast.  :)

8:30 - I do some chores. The kids want to help out for a bit, then they go play in the living room.

9:30 - We read, then play, then have a snack.

10 - I do some chores while the kids play in the living room.

10:30 - I discover that Molly had an accident, so I clean that up. The kids play dress up in their room.

11 - I set Kaylee up to play on Disney Jr. and go put Bryn down for her nap.

11:30 - Kay and I eat lunch.

11:45 - Kay does some addition problems. She insists on setting up a homework area in the corner, lol.

12:15 - Kaylee draws while I do some chores. She helps me with a few of them.

12:30 - She wants to go play by herself so I watch some tv.

1 - Bryn wakes up, I nurse her and keep watching tv.

1:30 - We have a snack, then play in the living room. Then I go tidy up a bit while they keep playing.

2:30 - We snuggle up and watch Care Bears. (We had a hitting incident so I wanted to get them in a more caring mood, lol.)

3:15 - The kids are getting hyper so we eat a snack and get ready to go play outside.

4 - We're finally all ready to go. We go for a walk, then the kids play in the yard while I mow the lawn (with the manual mower).

5:20 - We come in and I put the tv on for the kids while I make dinner and feed the dogs.

5:40 - Steven gets home and we all eat dinner. :)

6:20 - Steven gives the kids a bath while I clean up the kitchen.

6:50 - I get the kids out of the bath and we all just relax in the living room for a bit.

7:20 - I brush the kids teeth and Steven reads them bedtime stories. Then I go up and say prayers then sing lullabies. Brynna is out like a light, and Kaylee soon follows.

8:20 - I check my email and Facebook, then practice ASL. Steven is playing a video game.

9:20 - Bryn wakes up. I nurse her for a few minutes then put her back to bed.

9:40 - Steven and I watch some tv together. :)

10:40 - Time for bed. It was a great day!


Janine Huldie said…
Sounds like a perfect day and we too have Emma starting Kindergarten int he fall and still shell shocked thinking about it myself. Just can't believe my baby is indeed heading off to kindergarten in three weeks!
R.F. Dietz said…
Whoa...how did she become a kindergartener? I feel like that happened overnight! Your days are so long, 5am nursing? Oh man..that's early but at least you can go back to bed for a little bit and YES major husband points for not waking anyone up! lol I didn't know you had a fear of driving?! I know you can conquer it, you're one strong woman.

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