Wordless-ish Wednesday

This is Brynna's tantrum, lol.


I was taking a nap and Steven thought I woke up and was watching the kids, but I hadn't. So this is what I woke up to, lol.

Kaylee brought me this because she loves me, and also because she's sorry she missed my wedding, lol.

Kay took this pic of Bryn nursing.

Drinking upside down, hahah.

Metapod evolved into Butterfree and flew away to find a mate!!

Waleska and India. :)

Pottytraining! ...sort of, lol.

Sharing some cereal.

Watching Frozen.

A sad part in the movie.

I asked Brynna what she was drawing and she said elephants.

This was before Sasha's recent haircut.

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Carie said…
Is it very wrong that I love that they coloured on you? My two colour on themselves quite a lot (thank you nursery for introducing the concept of Aborigine and Masaai warrior decorations) but they've never quite dared try it on me - yet!!!
mail4rosey said…
If you're gonna throw a tantrum, might as well do it on a soft couch. I think that's smart thinking. :)
Becka M said…
The kids and I give each other tattoos with the washable markers sometimes. Great pictures. I love the one of them watching Frozen. Too sweet!
R.F. Dietz said…
HAAH! You were attacked in your sleep! Too funny!!! And I love that Kaylee brought you flowers because she missed your wedding LOL! Sharing cereal? SO CUTE. I always look forward to Wednesday posts of yours

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