Brynna Update - 21 Months!

I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!! She is now only 3 months away from her second birthday!

BrynBryn is still my little cuddle bunny. She loves giving hugs and snuggles. If someone hurts themselves or seems upset, she is quick to try and comfort them. It's so sweet!!

She just went to the doctor the other day and they said she's perfectly healthy. She got 2 vaccinations and didn't even cry! What a brave girl. :) She is 32 inches (81 cm) tall and weighs 30 lbs (13.6 kg). (She wears size 2T in clothes and size 7 in shoes.)

Her favorite things lately are airplanes, fireworks, giving high fives, coloring, and going to the park. :)

She ADORES animals. She thinks of our dogs as furry siblings.

She seems to have outgrown her allergy to dairy. I'm pleasantly surprised, since I never outgrew mine.

Until recently, she's still been nursing about 4 times a day and twice at night. We started the weaning process this month and now we are down to just twice a day; first thing in the morning and after her nap. She's usually fine with it and has even gone over a day without nursing at all.

She's been sleeping really well. She takes a nap from 11:30 to 1:30, then goes to bed at 8 and wakes up around 7. She's been sleeping through the night most nights, although sometimes she wakes up and asks for a drink of water. It's so adorable how she tries her best to go to sleep when she's supposed to. She even scrunches her eyes closed. Such a little angel. :)

She loves getting new clothes. She's just like her big sis in the sense that she loves twirly dresses, headbands, and anything sparkly. She also adores nail polish. (I don't know where they got the girly-girl gene from, it must skip a generation! Lol.)

Her favorite books are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Pat The Bunny, Hop On Pop, and really any books where she can look at animal or bug pictures. She loves being read to.

Her favorite tv shows are Signing Time, The Wheels on the Bus, Baby Genius shows, BabyFirst shows, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

She likes trying to get dressed all by herself. She can put her socks on, and has succeeded in putting her own pants on properly a couple times.

She usually uses her left hand to eat and draw, so I think she's a lefty like her dad. :)

She sings/hums to herself a lot, and sometimes I even recognize the tune! She loves listening to music and dancing.

Her bottom canines popped through at around 19 months and her top canines just started coming through a few days ago. After those come in, she will have 16 teeth.

She adores her big sissy more than ever. They do have their spats but get along great most of the time. They love snuggling and playing together. :)

She is OBSESSED with bugs, especially caterpillars. We found a caterpillar and brought it inside so the kids could watch the metamorphosis process. She was so excited when it started to make a cocoon, and even more excited when it came out and flew away! Future entomologist, maybe? Lol.

She's been a little bit more picky lately, but still a really good eater. Her favorite foods right now are beets, cereal with milk, bananas, and spaghetti. She uses utensils and drinks from a regular cup really well. She even wipes her own face and hands when she done eating, lol.

She has started walking up and down the stairs, while holding onto the railing. And I don't know if I mentioned this in her last update but she can run and jump now.

She is starting to get the concept of games. She joins in Kaylee's games of pretend now. They've also been playing hide-and-seek and tag. It's so cute! Lots of happy squealing, lol.

She pretty much understands everything we say to her at this point, but she's still not much of a talker. She says about 20 words, including mama, dada, sis, eat, hop, pop, bath, nana (banana), wawa (water), hat, hot, heart, up, pup, nah/no, choo-choo, vroom, wolf, ba-oons (balloons), a lot of animals sounds, and other sound effects. I'm not too worried, I'm sure she will become more verbal in her own time. Sometimes I do find myself comparing her to Kaylee, who at this age was a chatterbox and already stringing 2 words together. But each kid has their own personality and talents, so it's just silly to compare like that.

She knows a bunch of signs, including eat, more, all done, bath, play, nurse, fireworks, windy, jump, thank you, sorry, elephant, happy, grumpy/mad, rain, caterpillar, sun, up, fox, hot, cold, flowers, and bed/bedtime. I originally started off wanting to do "baby signing," but we're having so much fun with it that we didn't want to stop. It's kind of become a family thing now, even Steven is getting into it. And I'm actually planning on taking an American Sign Language course in college. :)

She's a bit fickle with her luvvies. She had a special teddy, then dolly, then puppy, then settled on a bunny, who she just adores. HopHop, as she calls it, goes everywhere with her, and she won't sleep without it.

That is, until a few days ago, when we got her a caterpillar toy. I think poor little HopHop has been replaced, lol!

She does have a paci in the above pic. She rarely uses one but she has been really fussy (teething?) a few nights and wanted one.

She is still really sensitive to mosquito bites, which is why you see red, swollen dots in most of her pics. We aren't having a lot of luck with natural repellents or treatments. Sometimes we have to give her Benedryl so she can sleep at night because she gets so itchy. :( I'm so glad mosquito season is almost over!

She has been so shy lately. In social situations, she pretends to be asleep in my arms, lol! She does warm up after a while, but if someone talks to her, she runs over and hides behind my legs.

She has been throwing more tantrums lately. Whining, screeching, hitting, that sort of thing. But even her worst outbursts are pretty mild, at least compared to what I expect after having Kaylee, who is VERY spirited!

We've been doing a bit of potty-training but not regularly. Just when she asks to really. She did poop on the potty for the first time this month! :)

Brynna is just such an easygoing kid. She is so happy and affectionate. I just love how sensitive, inquisitive, and observant she is. It's such a joy being her mama. I really can't believe she will be 2 years old in just a few months!! I guess I really need to stop calling her "the baby," hmm? Lol, it's just so hard though! She will always be my baby. :)

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Janine Huldie said…
Still cannot believe she is almost 2 years old and still remember when you were pregnant with her. Crazy how time truly does fly. But seriously she such a cutie and so very smart, too :)
Launna said…
Camille she is so adorable... isn't it scary how fast they grow... ;-) ... What a great treasure this is for your girls :-)
Rebecca Hope said…
She is growing into such a beautiful little girl. I'm so glad she is happy and healthy. She is wonderful and you are doing an amazing job raising her
Susanna Barbee said…
She is beautiful! I loved looking at all of your pictures. So sweet.
SFR said…
Oh my gosh, look at that cheeky face! She is absolutely beautiful! :) x Sim x
Sylvia Phillips said…
What sweet little angel!
R.F. Dietz said…
She really has always loved dancing and music! I love her affectionate and nurturing nature...the bug thing? AHHHHH! Definitely could live without that lol She's so cute, precious, and the sweetest!
Goodness, she's just the sweetest ever. And, no, she can't possibly be that close to 2. It's not right.

And, when they start to do the stairs like big girls? It sort of kills me!

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