Pedigree Stackerz VoxBox Review!

Just got Pedigree® Stackerz™ VoxBox in the mail today! My dogs went absolutely NUTS when I opened the bag. I've never seen them get so excited for a treat! We got the Filet Mignon and Bacon flavor and it was a big hit, to say the least! They just scarfed it right down, and they really don't usually do that for anything but actual fresh meat.

It makes sense though because actually, the very first ingredient is meat! Right there on the ingredient list, you can see the first thing is "beef," and I can't remember when I last saw that on a dog treat container. Here is a video I took of my pups trying out the treats. You can see how much they love them, Sasha even hops up and down like a bunny, lol! Definitely something I will be getting them again. :)


Janine Huldie said…
We got these, too for Elsa through Influenster and I still have to share on my blog when I have chance in the next couple of days. Love how excited Sasha was and have a feeling Elsa will be reacting the same way to these :)
SFR said…
My dog would absolutely love these! Just bought her some Dentastix this morning for an after walk treat... she is a proper hoover!
Sim @ xx
R.F. Dietz said…
Dylan is obsessed with giving the dogs treats! We just ran out because he's been a little too generous so maybe I'll give these a try. Cant go wrong with meaty treats!

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