Wordless-ish Wednesday

Right after her vaccinations. She didn't cry at all!
There's an ice cream place right next to the pediatrician so of course we go there after a visit!
Petting a neighborhood kitty. :)
Ice cream after her blood draw. They took 2 vials and she still didn't cry. She kept perfectly still too, such a good little patient! 
Hugs and kisses for Sasha. :)
Fresh veggies from my mom-in-law's garden. :D
Brynn gave me a manicure...
And herself a pedicure. Good thing it's child's nail polish and peels off, lol.
Homemade french fries!
I don't know how this pic got on my camera but I thought it was cool.
Our new tradition to cheer Bee up after Kay gets on the school bus in the morning is to go to the park. :)
This was my night, the night before Kaylee started Kindergarten, lol!
Bee got new pajamas and Kay wanted to try them on to see if they fit her. They almost did, hahah.
I saw them in the bath the other day and it reminded me of the pic below.
This is me and my brother as little kids!
I cancelled my Julep last month because we're trying to budget and save more money, but they still sent me a Maven box this month! An expected surprise. :)

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Janine Huldie said…
I am impressed that she didn't cry for a shot or a blood draw. Seriously, that is awesome. I have to remember trying to bribe with ice cream though! And loved the photo flashback and could see how that pic reminded you of the one with you and your brother! :)
R.F. Dietz said…
Your pre-kindergarten snacks remind me of when a stupid lady waxed my eyebrows off and I was so depressed. I lived in downtown Seattle at the time and ran home with tears streaming down my face, broke a mirror upon arrival and spent the night trying to pencil them in while binging on cookie dough. WAH! I love that Brynna didn't cry upon vaccinations. She'sso tough!
Launna said…
Camille, the kids are adorable... wonderful pictures again... I take some but I need to take more ;)

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