Wordless-ish Wednesday

Whoops, I missed the Weekend Blog Hop AND Mommy & Me Monday. I'm slacking! I've just been so tired because Kay has been up at all hours lately. I hope her sleep straightens out soon because she has already missed a couple days of school because of it. Anyway, I decided to post Wordless Wednesday early since I haven't posted in a bit. I hope everyone has been doing well. :)

Brynna gave him a high 5 as she walked past hahah.

Kaylee was a little cranky... lol

Fun at the library. :)

Bryn told me that she drew "nursies" which means breasts. Breastfed kid humor. xD

Do you think we have enough bagels? Lol, these were leftover from an event Steven helped DJ.

I found this on our broom cupboard door. Never did figure out what it was. o_O

A pic Steven took of our couch. He takes the weirdest pictures, lol.

Another weird pic by Steven...

Molly and Bryn are very excited that Nene (my mom) is here!

Aries has to prove he is the most excited to see Nene, lol.

Selfie! Groupie? Whatever, lol.

<3 :)

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Janine Huldie said…
Your walls look like mine with the drawings - as you know I just wrote about Emma writing her name on it. And we also have been fighting the girls to go to bed earlier as they are complaining of being tired to get up in the morning, but then don't want to go to bed at night either.
Theresa Mahoney said…
I can't believe she high 5'd that scary dude. My kids are older and still run for the hills when they see something like that lol.
R.F. Dietz said…
HAHAH! She high-5'd the prop! Too funny. Dylan is super scared of the masks this year. Last year he'd kiss 'em. This year? He says, "No. No. No." and shakes his head.

I Love the breast-fed humor hahah!

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