Wordless-ish Wednesday

Doing her homework, which she just loves doing. She gets upset when she's done!

Putting on a show at Barnes and Noble.

Grumpy cat plushie at Barnes and Noble, lol.

I like the last one where Aries is yawning and looks like he's about to eat Sasha in one gulp. xD

The kids love their presents from Paris, from their Uncle Cody!

Sharing her food with Kitty.

She wore this sticker for like 3 days, insisting on wearing it through outfit changes and even to bed. I guess she figured she earned it by getting her blood test!

Playing with Aunt Alysha. :)

Feels just like holding a newborn baby, lol.

Of course the one time Steven looks at the camera and smiles, Bryn is doing her Oy Vey face!

I asked Steven to take some pics of me and the kids, and this is what he took; a picture of my butt. Men! Lol.

Trip to the park. :)

Bryn is waddling like a goose. Her arm behind her back is meant to be her wing, lol. (The other hand is holding her toy.)

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Janine Huldie said…
Emma is also loving doing homework and asks for more when she is done! Glad to see our girls are doing so well so far :)
R.F. Dietz said…
Your husband is HILARIOUS. Omg. That picture of your butt- LOL! It's incredible how Kaylee is thriving in kindergarten! Clearly she enjoys being challenged. That girl is exceptionally smart! Oh and I love the three-day sticker wearing. Too cute <3
Good for her! I can't remember ever liking homework.
Marie Moody said…
You make me wish my babies were still babies NOT! I put in my time with those four, and now if I want I can have the grandkids over. Second generation is cool because you get to spoil them and send them home. Woo Hoo!!! You have a beautiful family, girlfriend! Thanks for sharing the pics. It's wonderful your daughter likes homework. You've got half the battle won. :)
Kristina said…
Some cute photos! Did you get a new puppy?
Aww you have a new dog since I last stopped by? so sweet :)

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