20 Rainy Day Activities (For Lazy Moms)

Being a stay at home mom with no car of my own, things can get pretty boring around here, especially when the weather doesn't let us go outside and play! I'm totally not the artsy craftsy type, but I've been doing my best to make the long days at home a bit more fun. It's been a bit of a struggle, because I'm really very lazy. Lol, but I'm glad we've been starting to branch out. I thought I'd share some ideas, in case anyone else could use a little inspiration! For me, it helps to have a list of activities I can look at when the kids are getting antsy and I feel muddled.

1. Write to friends and family.
Kay (nearly 6) loves writing letters and drawing pictures to mail to people she loves.

2. Make your own book.
We just staple a bunch of pieces of paper together, then we make up a story and write it down. Kay loves reading books we wrote together. :)

3. Draw, color, and paint.
And make sure to do it right before bath time!

4. Listen to music.
My kids can be entertained for quite a while dancing to some loud music. I make playlists on YouTube. :)

5. Make a video of your kid telling a story.
Then replay it. Kids love watching themselves, lol.

6. Play doctor.
I've gotten away with napping during my checkup. ;)

7. Play dress-up.
My kids have almost as much dress-up clothes as regular clothes. The key is to keep them in a box and hide them, so it's super special when they come out. (That's a trick I use for a few different things, like Play-doh and instruments. Thanks for that advice, Mom!)

8. Play the feelings game.
Act out different feelings. Kay's therapist suggested this to me a while back. Now we just do it for fun. PS I think my kids could easily grow up to be actresses, lol.

9. Cook/bake.
Nothing tastes better to a kid than something they helped make! I know Kay, who is super picky, is much more likely to eat something she had a hand in making. (I am terrible in the kitchen so for us it's usually a package mix for muffins, or spaghetti and meatballs, lol.)

10. Bath tub painting.
My kids get downright gleeful when they're allowed to do this. They paint the bath tub, themselves, and eachother. We just have to be careful that they don't escape the bathroom and paint the walls and dogs too.

11. Go out in the rain.
They just love this, it's like releasing them back into the wild!

12. After it stops raining, splash in puddles.
And play in the mud! Don't get me wrong, my first instinct is always to keep my kids clean and dry. But sometimes it's best to just let them have at it!

13. Scavenger hunt.
I do the lazy version, as in, "Hey, let's see if you can go find a marble!" Then when they return with it, I go, "Wow! That was quick, good job. Now let's see if you can find a little toy car!" The point of the game is they get distracted while in the play room and end up playing there for an hour. ;)

14. Give them a giant box.
That box can be anything. A rocket ship, a nest, a secret hideout. Kids love boxes! Let them decorate it with stickers and markers and stuff.

15. Look at old pictures.
My kids love looking at pictures of when we went somewhere fun, or of themselves with family members, or of themselves as babies. We also look at pictures of people they know when they were kids, which fascinates them. Kay likes to guess who's who. And she just can't believe her grandmas used to be little!

16. Prepare ahead of time by going to the library.
We go to the library for books and movies. Yes, we have our own books and movies, but new ones that we only have for a limited amount of time are more appealing.

17. Also prepare by going to the craft store or dollar store.
They have tons of neat things there, including kits for easy projects. Also, googly eyes. Everything is more fun with googly eyes!

18. Hide and seek.
It's a classic for a reason! It just never gets old. Every single time someone is found, both my kids shriek with pure glee.

19. Exercise and stretch with your kids.
Ok this is not exactly a lazy activity, but I personally enjoy it. It always seems to put everyone in a better mood.

20. Play follow the leader or Simon Says.
Get crazy with it. Do all sorts of animal movements and stuff. It's a good way for them to get their sillies out. :)

What's YOUR favorite indoor activity??


Echo A said…
These are perfect! I already do some and will definitely incorporate the others!
Janine Huldie said…
Perfect timing, as I have Emma home sick from school today and know once she gets a bit of energy back she is going to want to do stuff and definitely great list.
Debby Pieplow said…
You're not that lazy - you came up with these great ideas, that's brain power my dear. Even a lazy old lady like me, could do some of these, in the day. Sometimes I am without a car too.
mail4rosey said…
We play board games or build Legos. My teen likes to dance and sing for us, that's entertaining. :) You've got a great list of things here!
Anne Krietlow said…
Love these ideas! Thank you!
Anna said…
Aww! I love letter writing too! If you would like another pen pal, let me know. ;)
R.F. Dietz said…
My favorite is definitely the letter writing to family! I mean, who doesn't love getting a sweet note? Such a good list!

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