♥Sisters in November

Another fun month! :)

Flashback to 1 year ago. :)

Then this was right after the above pics, when Kaylee was hospitalized for a week... I remember how happy she was to see Brynna when we brought her to visit. She had been asking for her over and over and she just lit up so much while they were together.

Sisters in October


Carie said…
I love that you always post a flashback picture; it's amazing how much difference a year makes isn't it - and your girls look like they've had a great month!
Mummy of Two said…
What lovely photos and I love the idea of the flashback! It looks as though they get on really well together.
Gorgeous photos Camille xx
Anna said…
Growing up so fast!!!
I do like the flashbacks, too, really shows you how quickly they grow when they're this young, doesn't it? Lovely photos x

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