Week 4

Wow, I am in shock. I still can't believe I'm pregnant! I'm so thrilled!! I honestly don't know how we are going to handle 3 kids, but I'm sure we will find a way to manage. :)

According to The Bump, my baby is currently a tiny ball of cells, about the size of a poppy seed. Apparently it is now splitting into two parts; one will be the baby and the other will be the placenta.

I am already feeling some symptoms. I'm so tired that I've been having to nap with Brynna every day now. I'm also extremely forgetful and air-headed. I swear, each kid I have absorbs part of my brain!

I actually got a faint positive at only 3 weeks 5 days pregnant! Then I got a few darker ones in the days after that. :)

Week 5

This week, the baby is the size of an apple seed! It's already starting to form major organs and systems. Amazing!!

I'm still a little more tired than usual. And I feel like I'm losing my mind, the forgetfulness is so bad! Also, I have the most horrible breast pain.

I'm already popping out. Not as much as it seems like, because I was NOT flat to begin with, lol! But I'm definitely noticing a difference.

Week 6

This week, the baby is the size of sweet pea. :)

I am starting to feel a little nauseous, and a little more tired. I think it's finally sinking in that Baby Number THREE is growing in there!

I had my first prenatal appointment this week at the birth center. They confirmed that I am definitely pregnant! :)

7 Weeks

Baby is the size of a blueberry this week. It has actually doubled in size from last week! It is generating a hundred new brain cells each minute, and forming arm and leg joints. Wow, how amazing is that?!

I've been pretty nauseous and exhausted this week. And on top of that, I got a bad tooth ache. I ended up getting a root canal, even though I just had that tooth worked on a year ago. And I couldn't take any pain killers besides Tylenol either because I didn't want to risk it, being pregnant. So yeah, it wasn't the best week!

I'm still super forgetful. And my sense of smell is so good it makes me feel like a bloodhound. A forgetful, nauseous bloodhound. Lol!

8 Weeks

This week, baby is the size of a raspberry, and growing about a millimeter a day! The taste buds are starting to form. :)

I've been really nauseous and tired, but getting through it. Steven is picking up the slack, and Kaylee is being my little helper. :) Brynna is beginning to understand something is up and she's jealous. She calls herself a baby and wants me to rock her in my arms a lot. She even makes pathetic little baby noises, lol.


9 Weeks

Baby is now the size of a green olive! This week, it is starting to develop more distinct facial features. :)

I'm still pretty sick. I've lost about 5 pounds since I got pregnant. Hopefully the morning sickness eases up soon!

I had a prenatal appointment this week and everything looked good. Nothing exciting, the baby is too little to hear a heartbeat yet. My due date is July 25. :)

10 Weeks

Baby has reached the size of prune this week. It's vital organs are already fully developed and starting to function!

I got pretty sick this week, and ended up going into the hospital. Turned out I also had the flu on top of morning sickness, and I was dehydrated. They sent me home with some nausea meds that made me feel a lot better. I only wish I had asked for them sooner!

While I was there, they did an ultrasound to make sure the baby was alright. I didn't really get to see it because I didn't have my glasses with me, but the doctor definitely saw a heartbeat. :)

Depending on how crappy I feel, I may just blog pregnancy updates for now. Thanks for all the congrats and I hope everyone had a good holiday!!

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Oh my goodness! Congrats!!! I had missed the announcement! I'm so happy for you all!
Oh Congratulations Cami! Thrilled for you!
Sssh... but I'm about 3 weeks behind you. ;)
Harley Cocks said…
Oh I so hope you feel better soon, there's nothing worse.you poor thing xx
Sarah Haney said…
Aww congratulations!!! I am pregnant with my third too, it has been a very different pregnancy. Sometimes harder and sometimes better? But I'm definitely excited...and a little scared to have THREE littles running around! :P
Forgetful Mom said…
Congratulations! Going from 2 to 3 wasn't really all that bad. I found I popped out really fast with #3 too! At my 13 week ultrasound I was holding my breath holding there was only 1 in there. ;-)
SFR said…
I don't know if my first comment went through but absolutely thrilled for you all! Such wonderful news! Make sure you are getting lots of rest! Sending big cuddles xx Sim xx
Janine Huldie said…
Aww huge congrats again and also hoping you are feeling better real soon as I totally remember how sickly with nausea I was with both my girls for the first few months, so my heart goes out to you.
Launna said…
The time is moving fast... I can't believe you are at 10 weeks already... congratulations again..

Oh and even though I loved being pregnant.. that first trimester was always hard... both times I lost over 15 pounds and I could have slept 24/7 if someone would let me... lol... I do not think I could have looked after a child and be pregnant... must be why I put 22 years in between my children :)

Have a really Happy New Year... I wish you and your family all the best xox
Mel said…
So exciting! Thanks for sharing the journey xx
Echo A said…
I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see the beautiful baby!
Joyce Lansky said…
I found that having the third child was easier than the second because the first two play with each other when you have to tend to the baby. God bless the middle child!

Launna said…
I hope everything is well Camille... I was just thinking about you ♡
R.F. Dietz said…
THE FLU ON TOP OF MORNING SICKNESS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. That is terrible. I'm so sorry! I'm so happy you're pregnant though!
Ashley said…
Congrats! I've been away awhile I'm so happy for you guys!
Congrats on your pregnancy! I hope you are feeling better.
Ah Massive Congratulations Camille! I didn't realise. What lovely news. x

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