Week 4

Wow, I am in shock. I still can't believe I'm pregnant! I'm so thrilled!! I honestly don't know how we are going to handle 3 kids, but I'm sure we will find a way to manage. :)

According to The Bump, my baby is currently a tiny ball of cells, about the size of a poppy seed. Apparently it is now splitting into two parts; one will be the baby and the other will be the placenta.

I am already feeling some symptoms. I'm so tired that I've been having to nap with Brynna every day now. I'm also extremely forgetful and air-headed. I swear, each kid I have absorbs part of my brain!

I actually got a faint positive at only 3 weeks 5 days pregnant! Then I got a few darker ones in the days after that. :)

Week 5

This week, the baby is the size of an apple seed! It's already starting to form major organs and systems. Amazing!!

I'm still a little more tired than usual. And I feel like I'm losing my mind, the forgetfulness is so bad! Also, I have the most horrible breast pain.

I'm already popping out. Not as much as it seems like, because I was NOT flat to begin with, lol! But I'm definitely noticing a difference.

Week 6

This week, the baby is the size of sweet pea. :)

I am starting to feel a little nauseous, and a little more tired. I think it's finally sinking in that Baby Number THREE is growing in there!

I had my first prenatal appointment this week at the birth center. They confirmed that I am definitely pregnant! :)

7 Weeks

Baby is the size of a blueberry this week. It has actually doubled in size from last week! It is generating a hundred new brain cells each minute, and forming arm and leg joints. Wow, how amazing is that?!

I've been pretty nauseous and exhausted this week. And on top of that, I got a bad tooth ache. I ended up getting a root canal, even though I just had that tooth worked on a year ago. And I couldn't take any pain killers besides Tylenol either because I didn't want to risk it, being pregnant. So yeah, it wasn't the best week!

I'm still super forgetful. And my sense of smell is so good it makes me feel like a bloodhound. A forgetful, nauseous bloodhound. Lol!

8 Weeks

This week, baby is the size of a raspberry, and growing about a millimeter a day! The taste buds are starting to form. :)

I've been really nauseous and tired, but getting through it. Steven is picking up the slack, and Kaylee is being my little helper. :) Brynna is beginning to understand something is up and she's jealous. She calls herself a baby and wants me to rock her in my arms a lot. She even makes pathetic little baby noises, lol.


9 Weeks

Baby is now the size of a green olive! This week, it is starting to develop more distinct facial features. :)

I'm still pretty sick. I've lost about 5 pounds since I got pregnant. Hopefully the morning sickness eases up soon!

I had a prenatal appointment this week and everything looked good. Nothing exciting, the baby is too little to hear a heartbeat yet. My due date is July 25. :)

10 Weeks

Baby has reached the size of prune this week. It's vital organs are already fully developed and starting to function!

I got pretty sick this week, and ended up going into the hospital. Turned out I also had the flu on top of morning sickness, and I was dehydrated. They sent me home with some nausea meds that made me feel a lot better. I only wish I had asked for them sooner!

While I was there, they did an ultrasound to make sure the baby was alright. I didn't really get to see it because I didn't have my glasses with me, but the doctor definitely saw a heartbeat. :)

Depending on how crappy I feel, I may just blog pregnancy updates for now. Thanks for all the congrats and I hope everyone had a good holiday!!

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Brynn has been doing great. She is such a happy, affectionate little girl. She gives us lots of pats, hugs, and kisses. :)

Some of her favorite things right now are airplanes, helicopters, animals, bugs, blowing bubbles, going to the park, and of course playing with her big sister.

She hops into bed at night and goes right to sleep like a little angel. But she still usually wakes up a few (sometimes a million) times during the night, and wants to be tucked back in.

Her favorite luvvies are probably her caterpillar and Olaf.

She is obsessed with Olaf, and wants to watch the song about Summer over and over when we're trying to watch Frozen.

I think she is weaned. It's hard to say because she will go like a week without nursing, but then she will want to if she's not feeling well or if she hurts herself.

She is starting to talk a bit more. She probably says about 35 words and short sentences now. Some of her newest ones are ball, I love you (I lah loo), oh no no no, and nightnight.

She knows so many signs now, I can't count them! Some of her newer ones are pumpkin, guinea pig, spider, and sweet. She can string signs together, like "sun up" and "airplane outside." The other day she saw a hat that had a fox on it and signed "fox hat." People always ask, isn't signing at this age stunting her speech? I say no because she is always trying to talk and making steady progress with it. I think the only thing that would be different right now if she didn't sign would be her getting frustrated by not being able to communicate as well. And I can't imagine it will make any difference in the long run. It can only benefit her to be bilingual!

She is a complete daddy's girl. Whenever she's hurt or wants something, it's "dada, dada!" And when he leaves the room, she does her sad sound, which is like a whale moaning piteously, lol.

She loves her doggies. She snuggles with them, gives them kisses, and always tries to share her food with them.

She is a pro at brushing her teeth. She says ahh then eee so we can brush, spits in the sink, and wipes her mouth off.

She loves drawing and I'm pretty sure she's a lefty, like her dad.

She is a bit addicted to popsicles and is always begging for a "pop." She does the cutest pout, it's so hard to say no! We've limited it to 1 a day now and it's been rough, lol.

She recognizes shapes now. She says "ovah" for oval and "dot" for circles or polka dots. She can't really say the other shapes, but she points to them when you ask her to.

She does throw tantrums sometimes. She will even bite her own fingers when she gets mad. :( But she gets over it quickly, and is usually really easygoing and cooperative. I am naively hoping that this is the worst it gets and "the terrible two's" don't kick in!

We've been letting her eat some dairy, and she has been doing ok with it. She did have some splotchy red skin so I'm kind of limiting it and watching out for symptoms.

She's good about blowing her nose on command now, which is very helpful. :)

She still has a pacifier sometimes at bedtime. I know I should probably get rid of them soon, but I so don't want to deal with it lol.

She adores going to the library. She knows to be quiet there, and to take her book selections to the counter to check them out.

Her favorite books right now are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Ear Book, Pat the Bunny, Spot books, and Daniel Tiger books. She loves being read to, and just looking at books by herself.

Her favorite movies/tv shows are Ponyo, Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Spot, Little Bear, Signing Time, and Daniel Tiger (she will give Eskimo kisses and say "ugga mugga!").

She's still a great eater, she will eat pretty much anything. Some of her favorite foods right now are chicken corn chowder, pasta, yogurt, cheese, fresh fruit, and steamed veggies with butter. For a treat, she loves chips and beef jerky (just like her daddy, lol).

She really depends on her schedule. She needs her nap by 10:30 and bedtime by 7:30 or she will be VERY cranky. It's hard because she hasn't adjusted the Daylight Savings Time ending at all. She's still on her old schedule, which means she wakes up at 6am. :(

She is has been pottytrained since 23 months, although she still wears a diaper at night. She lets me know when she has to poop by saying, "Poooooop," and she signs 'toilet' for pee. :)

She is really shy these days, and always pretends to be asleep when anyone she doesn't know well talks to her, lol.

She has all her baby teeth in. Two year molars are next, yay...

She is always so excited to see her big sissy when she gets home from school. Every afternoon, they share a snack, snuggle up and watch some tv, then go off to play together. They are the best of friends (most of the time)!

She organizes her stuffed animals for a while before going to sleep, and once they're all set up, she picks one to sleep with lol. It's funny, she's getting to be such a big girl, but once she's asleep she still seems like my little baby. <3

Licking people is her new way of showing affection. Sweet, but gross, lol.

She likes picking out her own socks and is very proud that she can put them on by herself. She also puts her undies and pants on, but still has trouble with her shirt lol.

She hates the vacuum now, it terrifies her for some reason. :(

She's been obsessed with mittens lately, and wants to wear them 24/7 lol.

She is 30 pounds and just about 33 inches tall. That means she got a little taller but stayed the same weight in the past 3 months. Which makes sense really because I've noticed her looking like she has less baby chub. (She's in size 2T clothes and size 7 shoes.)

On her actual birthday, she was getting over a cold. We mostly took it easy all day. We snuggled up and watched Ponyo and she actually sat through the whole thing.

We gave her a present, a band set. She liked it so much, she shook a maraca the entire time she was eating her lunch, lol. I thought that was pretty impressive coordination actually, hahah.

She got a birthday cupcake, but was cranky so we didn't do singing or a candle. I feel bad that she was sick on her birthday and didn't really enjoy it very much. :( At least she's so young that she doesn't really know what birthdays are yet.

I finally got my camera back (I forgot it at my parents' a while ago) and took her 2 year pics. :)

I can't believe how fast time passes... Seems like yesterday Kaylee was 2 years old! It's just amazing seeing all their similarities and differences as time passes. They are both such unique individuals, and are perfect in their own way!

Can't wait to keep watching this sweet girl grow up!! ♥

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