Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Kaylee's somewhat creepy grass guy lol.

No matter how warm it is out, she wants her favorite hat.

My Mother's Day presents from Kaylee. :) The inside of the card says "I lovve you Mom bekus you are swet!" <3

Brynna got a splinter and Kaylee immediately set her up to soak her hand.

A "dandy puff."

Looks like Bryn almost got thrown into another dimension! lol

She's at this stage where she refuses to take her naps anymore, but instead passes out randomly while doing something else.

Kaylee loving on her little cousin, Sunnie.

Brynn found a friend.

Playing in the sprinkler.

She thought she wanted to join in running through the sprinkler...

But she wasn't a fan, lol.

We found a small bee hive.

Kay was disappointed at the lack of honey.

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Janine Huldie said…
All the photos were great as always and the hat made me laugh as Lily just put on her favorite Frozen hat today and it is so past hat wearing weather here, too! :)
Theresa Mahoney said…
They are just the sweetest girls ever! I love the sister bond you show in the photos. Too precious!
Launna said…
I love how close your two girls are Camille... they are adorable together ♡ xox
Oh my goodness your girls are so very cute! I love that sleeping picture, where your daughter randomly falls asleep anywhere and that nurse/splinter picture is so cute! Thanks for sharing some of your very cute family moments :)

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