2 and a Half :)

I can't believe Brynna is 2 and a half! The past 6 months have gone by so fast, and she's grown up so much in that time. She is still as sweet as ever, even in spite of "the terrible twos" and wanting to exert her independence.

She's wearing 3T clothes. At her latest checkup which was a month ago, she was 36 inches and 30 pounds (around the 50th percentile for both). I was kind of concerned that she's been growing in height but not weight, but the doctor said it was fine and that she's perfectly healthy.

She says her favorite color is orange, her favorite food is popsicles, her favorite thing to do is draw, and her favorite animals are dogs and cats. :)

She's been trying to get her 2 year molars in this past month, and on some days it has made her extremely cranky. Definitely some of the worst teething I remember either of my kiddos ever going through. Only 1 has popped through so far, I hope the rest come in soon so she can go back to her happy self!!

She still adores animals and bugs. She actually thinks bugs are cute, she says "aww" when she finds one. I have to be careful to make sure she doesn't try to pet or pick up something that might bite/sting her!

I love how she's getting a real sense of humor. She understands jokes and makes up silly stories. She also imitates my warning tone of voice when I am telling her not to do something, which I know I shouldn't encourage but it's pretty hilarious.

She's been weaned for months now but did nurse a few times recently when she was sick.

She's been potty-trained since she turned 2, and has only had a few accidents since then. :) As long as we remind her to go potty before bed and before we go out, she's good.

She's going to bed at 8 and waking up at 8:30, and sleeping really well. She still wakes up during the night sometimes, but does sleep through the night most of the time. (Yay!) I gave up trying to get her to nap during the day, but sometimes she does take one if she's in the mood.

She still uses a pacifier at times, though usually just at bedtime and spits it out sometime during the night.

She has been getting a little pickier lately. Each week she will have a new favorite food and just want to eat that all day long. It's frustrating but I think it's just a normal toddler stage.

She is not very excited about becoming a big sister. Whenever the subject comes up, she says SHE is the baby and wants me to rock her in my arms. She also said that there wasn't a baby in my belly, just a very big poop, lol. So yeah, we might be in for a bit of a rough transition next month!

She's getting so smart. She knows her shapes and colors, and is even starting to learn her letters. She likes to practice writing whenever Kaylee is doing her homework.

She loves stuffed animals and dolls, and can never have too many. She collects them in her bed, and I have to sneak some away periodically so her collection doesn't get too big, lol.

Her favorite shows/movies right now are Signing Time, Lala Loopsy, Little Princess, Ponyo, Totoro, Tarzan, and of course Frozen. If you ask her who her favorite princess is, she says "Anna!"

She likes picking out her own clothes now, and getting dressed all by herself. She's definitely in the "do it myself" stage, and if you try to help her when she doesn't want it she throws a giant tantrum.

She is totally a girly girl, just like her big sister. They both love wearing dresses, the "twirlier" the better. I swear everything in our house is pink and sparkly, lol.

They also both love hats and boots, they even wear them in the house, lol.

She still loves drawing, and I may be biased but I think she's a really talented artist! This is the itsy bisty spider, lol.

She started gymnastics class a couple months ago. She saw Kaylee go to her class every week and was jealous, but when we signed Brynn up, she was too shy to participate. Now she is warming up to it, and gets excited to go. I think it's been really good for her, both for the exercise and the social aspect.

Shortly after she turned 2, we felt like she had a speech delay. She had always preferred signing to talking, but by this time we were starting to suspect there was a reason behind it. So we ended up starting speech therapy and she was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. From what I understand, it is a neurological disorder that affects motor planning. Basically, she is saying a lot of single words but struggling to string together multiple sounds. Her brain knows what she wants to say, but it takes a lot of  planning to form the words. For kids with Apraxia, trying to say a simple sentence feels like a tongue twister to them. It's kind of like saying "toy boat" over and over; by the fifth time it's really hard to say and you have to really try to say it properly. Or have you ever tried to say the Peter Piper rhyme really fast? I think it's a bit like that. But with a lot of practice and repetition, she is making steady progress. :) And luckily she doesn't seem to have any other challenges or delays that can often accompany Apraxia.

There are just so many things about this stage that I want to remember forever. Like the way she covers her mouth when she laughs, and taps her chin when she's thinking, lol. It is so amazing watching her personality develop. This is such a fun age, where she is really becoming less of a toddler every day, and more a little girl. Can't wait to keep watching her grow up, and I hope the transition of becoming a big sister isn't too hard on her!

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Janine Huldie said…
I also can't believe she is already 2 and 1/2 as I still recall when you were pregnant with her. Time truly is flying, but she is so definitely growing into such a wonderful little girl ;)
Rebecca Hope said…
I love that our children are the same age... but boy are they so very different. I am so impressed that she can do her numbers and colors. She's so smart :) Reg is non-verbal. He will not speak and I am ok with that. It makes it hard to communicate at times but he has just learned all the parts of the human body like where his eyes are, head, chin, legs, toes, heart, etc ..... he's good at pointing them out when you ask where they are. I would love to start colors with him. Without any speech, it may be a challenge but I hope he can catch on.
I love the B is such a very happy little girl. She seems to be growing into a beautiful little girl.
Gosh she's a doll! Can she please come talk to E about keeping dry at night?

Sorry about the 2 year molars. We've been lucky..the girls have had a pretty easy time with those. But, now B is trying to get like 8 teeth at once!

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