30 Weeks

This week, baby is as big as cucumber. (I swear she feels much bigger, lol!)

I had a birth center appointment and everything was normal. We also had the "sibling preparation class" where a midwife explained to the kids how the birth would be. We checked out the birthing rooms, weighed realistic baby dolls, and watched some birth videos. Now if the kids are awake and want to come in while I'm in labor, hopefully they will be prepared and not upset by the experience. I think it'd be neat if they got to witness their little sister being born!

I've had restless leg syndrome, swollen ankles, insomnia, heartburn, and lots of other lovely symptoms this week. At times I have been downright miserable, and 10 more weeks seems like eternity! Steven has making things as easy as possible for me though. He gives me massages, does most of the chores, and keeps the kids busy so I can nap. <3

31 Weeks

This week, baby is the size of a pineapple.

She is as active as ever. I feel like I have an octopus in there, lol.

Between RLS, Braxton-Hicks, heartburn, and having to pee, I am not getting much sleep. Very happy that there's only 9 weeks until my due date. Single digits make it feel like it's really getting close. :)

32 Weeks

This week, baby is the size of... some sort of squash I can't identify, lol.

Still not getting much sleep, and now my ankles are starting to swell! I'm physically miserable a lot of the time, but emotionally I am getting super excited. We only have 8 weeks to go before my due date! We are trying to make sure everything is ready by the end of this month. I'll be uploading pics of the finished nursery soon!! :)

33 Weeks

This week, baby is around the size of a durian.

I've been having to take a lot of rests throughout the day or I get back pain and swollen ankles. But my RLS isn't too bad and I've been sleeping better, so I call it a good week. :) If only I had a maid, I'd be doing great, lol!

I had a birth center appointment and everything looks good. All my blood work results are normal.

In 1 month, I will be full term!!!

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NOTE: Anna and I will be posting our new blog hop next week instead. Sorry, no hop this week. Stuff just came up for both of us.


Emily Wilson said…
Getting close! That last stretch is hard. Ugh! That sibling class sounds like it was a really neat experience.
Launna said…
Wow, one more month... the last month is always the longest one... try to get as much rest as you can... saying that, I know that must not be easy with two children... xox

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