A Few Tips To Prettify Your Blog!

Have you ever wanted to make your blog a little prettier and more professional looking, but didn't want to buy a whole pre-made or custom made layout? It seems daunting at first, but editing your blog isn't as complicated as you might think. Here are a few relatively simple things you may want to try out. :)

Create a circular date header. I tried out the first option and it worked. It looked weird with my blog layout, so I didn't keep it, but it looks really nice if the spacing works out. (For Blogger blogs only.)

Remove the navbar at the top of your blog. This isn't even coding, it's just simply un-checking a box in your layout preferences. (For Blogger blogs only.)

Use PicMonkey to make a new header or other graphics for your blog. You can upload a blank/white image to start from scratch. (Simply open paint, make the image bigger, make sure it's all white, then save it.) Check out this basic editing tutorial and these neat little known tips. I made all my blog graphics with this site! It's really fun and easy to use, you just have to play around and get to know the tools a bit.

Make some glitter text in Photoshop. Or in Pixlr, which is free. I tried using Pixlr and it was a bit complicated. Took a couple tries but it ended up coming out really pretty!

For more blog tips, click HERE! :)


Janine Huldie said…
Love these Blogger tips for Blogger blogs and definitely got to keep in mind for some of my own Blogger clients 😉
Rai Muzammal said…
nice post and the way of pointing out the things is amazing , although your blog is also cool.keep it up

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