Friday Finds and Favorites Hop #5

I am so happy it's Friday! This week has gone by so slowly for me. Tomorrow is my due date, finally!!! Please send me your prayers and birth vibes, guys! I'd love to go into labor this week so I don't have to plan an induction.

My fave thing this week would have to be piƱa coladas! Non-alcoholic, of course. :)

My legs and feet have been swelling pretty badly this week. (I'll spare you all the pics of that, hahah.) My mom brought over this magnesium oil and said it would help. I was pretty skeptical, but it actually made the swelling go down almost back to normal. I was seriously impressed.

Alrighty, link up your favorite finds for this week, or just your favorite post of the week! Please pay a visit to my awesome co-host, Anna, and feel free to grab a button (optional). Have a great weekend, everyone!!


Janine Huldie said…
Aw, sending labor vibes right now and seriously hoping you have your baby very soon now!! :)
Ashleigh Wright said…
thank you for hosting! Have a great weekend!
Hope you are doing well and you are close to delivering.

I nominated you for the 8 Photos of Happiness event created by Ariel's Little Corner of the Internet. It's fun and super easy. If you're interested (and when you are able), the details are on my blog post from today.

Happy "Labor" Day!! :)
Theresa Mahoney said…
Good labor vibes coming your way! I was just thinking of you last week, wondering if baby #3 made it here yet. I'll be looking for your updates!

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