Six and a Half :)

My baby girl will be 6½ on the 28th!!!

Kay has been doing great. She's growing up so fast. She's smart, funny, silly, and STUBBORN. She really amazes us every day (usually in a good way, hahah).

She lives in the moment, and feels all her emotions very intensely. If she is happy, you can practically see the joy radiating from her. If she is angry, watch out! There's no stopping the Kaylee tantrum once it begins.

She has loved being in gymnastics these past few months, and recently did her end of the year performance which was adorable. She even got a medal! We're so proud of her. She's really taken to it like a fish to water and can't wait to start again in September.

Kay is a very creative kid and always coming up with ideas. Recently, she organized all the neighborhood kids to clean up trash! She's definitely a leader, although she doesn't always use her powers for good. She is generally that one kid at the playground who finds something dangerous to do and all the other kids copy it, lol.

She is very thirsty for knowledge. She has so many questions for us, and we end up looking things up online a lot for her. We also go to the library and have her pick out books she's interested in. Lately she has been into ocean life and says she wants to be a marine biologist (among other things) when she grows up.

She had a great school year. Watching her graduate was so bittersweet! I felt like Kindergarten just passed by so fast, and she grew up so much. It's like suddenly she can read, write, add, and subtract. I guess I wasn't expecting her to learn so much, so fast. She is also doing a science camp this month.

She has also matured a lot, and gotten a lot better with getting along with her peers. I think a huge part of it was her teacher this year was really great and understood how special Kaylee is, even though sometimes it seems like she is a bit of a troublemaker. I just hope we get as lucky next year, and Kay gets a teacher that can successfully help her channel her energy in a positive way. I know when she gets bored or frustrated, she can be quite the little terror!

She has always been a social butterfly, and a busy little bee. Ever since she was born really, we've had to keep her engaged at all times or she gets cranky. She is now getting pretty good at going off and doing her own thing. She makes "inventions," watches YouTube videos on her newest interest (one of her recent ones was the sea urchin), and writes in her journals.

Being off gluten and food dyes makes a huge difference for her mood and her health. It's been hard to get everyone on board and avoid slip ups, but we're doing really well with it now.

She's really getting to be a good eater. We've been struggling with picky eating since she was a baby, and the issue was made worse by chronic digestion problems because of the undiagnosed gluten sensitivity. Thinking back to a couple years ago when she literally only ate a few bites a day sometimes, and only like 5 different foods, she has come so far. Parents of picky eaters will understand this but we literally want to cry with joy, watching her eat new foods and actually finish her meals!

She's not the major animal lover like Brynna, but she does love dogs and always helps me take care of ours.

She is a great big sister to Brynna. She helps her get dressed in the morning and even brushes her hair and stuff like that. She also tries to include her in her games of pretend, and when they are both in a good mood with eachother they play together so nicely. It's adorable. Of course, they do have their share of sister spats, and Bryn is getting to the point where she fights back so it can get pretty nasty! But they seem to work out their problems pretty well, and I try not to interfere too much in their relationship as long as they aren't hurting eachother.

She adores babies, and is super excited to meet her new sister, although she does hope it turns out to be a boy. Apparently she loves her little sister but one is enough, lol!

Kaylee is definitely a very spirited kid. She really keeps us on her toes, and has made us feel like we are failing at parenting more than once. It can be aggravating trying to raise a child with such a strong personality. But I honestly wouldn't change her for the world, and I think all the qualities that frustrate us now will serve her well when she's an adult. I am a little scared but very excited to keep watching her grow up. I know she will test our limits at times, but I also know she is going to amaze us with the things she's going to accomplish! ♥

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Janine Huldie said…
Aw, I love the half year update and so much here I can relate to with my 6 year old, too and still can't believe kindergarten is behind us, too now with Emma. Crazy how fast that one year just went and flew by!
She's so cute! They do grow up way too fast!
The Daily Pip said…
Happy Birthday to Kaylee! She sounds like a wonderful, spirited, beautiful, passionate child! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

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