Mommy & Me Monday

I'm back guys! I'm so behind on blog stuff, hopefully I'll be able to catch up slowly but surely. :)

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Nicole said…
Awwwwww! SO sweet! Congrats!
Sarah Coggins said…
What precious photos! Congrats!! Definitely more important enjoying those special moments than blogging. I looked back at your previous post and gosh are your older girls so cute with their baby sister! Especially the oldest. She looks so sweet & protective. :)
Paula Rockwell said…
A BIG congratulations to you and your family Cami!!!
NC Sue said…
Ah HA - I found you again. Somehow I'd lost track of your blog.
I hope you'll come link up your photos at
So so so so so so sweet! She almost makes me want a 5th girl!

Take your time and enjoy your 4th trimester!
Mruga M said…
Congrats, awesome pics. Mruga

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