Skyler - 1 Month Old!

Sky has been doing great! She is 9 pounds 12 ounces and 22 inches (up from 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches at birth). She's a content baby, as long as she's being held. I usually can't get away with putting her down for too long, so I've been wearing her a lot.

She's not really on a set napping schedule yet but she's been sleeping pretty well at night. She's been going to bed around 8 and waking up at 7, like Kaylee and Brynna, which is really nice. If I'm lucky, she only wakes up 3 times to nurse and goes right back to sleep.

We had a bad case of thrush this month which made nursing pretty painful. I ended up switching to bottles, although still trying to nurse at least once a day so she didn't forget how. The thrush finally cleared up so we have started breastfeeding again. She still has 1 or 2 bottles a day, so Steven can feed her while I spend time with the older kids.

Kay and Bryn just adore her and love helping me take care of her. Bryn can be a bit jealous at times and need extra attention. Kay can be a little possessive of the baby and gets cranky with Bryn when she wants to spend time with her. But all in all, I'd say they've adjusted pretty well.

Her room is finally ready, although I'm not quite ready to move her into it. Maybe next month.

She's been starting to smile, and it's just the most adorable thing ever!! She's also doing a great job of holding her head up! Can't wait for the next month of watching this sweet little girl grow. :)

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Janine Huldie said…
She seriously is absolutely adorable and loved all the photos here ;)
Theresa Mahoney said…
Soooo cute! I just want to run my hand over her fluffy hair! It's so cute how I can see both of her sisters features in her face :)
R.F. Dietz said…
I am surprised Bry is the only jealous one! My younger sister was really jealous when our youngest was born. She would complain that no one loved her anymore lol but that youngest ended up being the one she was closest to so it all works out
She's such a pretty baby! I'm always jealous of babies that will sleep unswaddled. My girls had to be wrapped like a tight little burrito!

So glad she's gaining weight and doing so well..and glad you got the thrush cleared!

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