Wordless(ish) Wednesday - Uncle Cody Visits!

Fun in downtown Silver Spring. :)

We get very excited about fro yo, hahah.

The only pic I could get with Leuca, lol. (Long story but Leuca has previously been known as Harry on my blog.)

Kaylee wanted to take Cody to her favorite restaurant, the "Asian barfet!"

Can't leave without her sunglasses and favorite hat!!


They never do these cute expressions for me lol.

Japanese bath toys. (Cody is a flight attendant and goes to Japan a lot, so he gets the kids presents there.)

Bath bombs with adorable little prizes inside.

More presents! (Cody lives in Australia, hence the TimTams.)

Candy sushi!

Koala tissue box cover!!

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Janine Huldie said…
What a great visit and the girls looked absolutely thrilled here ;)
R.F. Dietz said…
OMG I LOVE UNCLE CODY! Could he possibly be anymore fun?! I don't think so!!!!! Funny how the kids are so different when someone they love comes to visit lol

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